Sunday, January 16, 2011


When it was time for evaluations at my work, I usually did not mind both positive and negative feedback. The negative was not personal, but it was to encourage me to reach out, and use all my potential.

However, there were a few times when I was requested to take a walk (for privacy) and talk about some issues. My supervisor was extremely tactful and I ended up having some work removed that I did not enjoy and placed in another spot which was better.

Usually when I got into trouble at work it was for not following all the rules. (smile)

One day, our lead person asked me to come to the conference room with her. I knew this was not going to be a happy time, and as I followed her, in my mind, I repeated to myself, “I hate this woman, I hate this woman.”  When we entered the room, she closed the door and began to point out several errors I had made and requested change. I took it well, because I determined she was right, even if I did not like it.  I told her I would do better. As she finished, she reached out and with tears, she hugged me and said, “I love you Hazel,” and that is when emotion overwhelmed me, and this time my inward message changed drastically to “I love this woman, I love this woman.”

No one actually desires negative feedback. Not all negative feed back is even true. It may be their distorted opinion and not the truth at all.  Each of us crave to be accepted and we have a need to be recognized as a decent and first-class person.

We smile as we see the attempts of a baby to walk, and even when they are naughty, we may even laugh at them. We love them as they grow and develop in each stage of life.

In our failures, and mistakes, our Heavenly Father often smiles at us and perhaps he may even laugh at times. However as we mature in the things of the Lord, He does expect better things of us. Growing up spiritually is a necessity.

If you have received negative feedback from your work, your church, your family, do not be discouraged.  I hope they were intelligent enough to also give you some positive and helpful comments.

One of our Bible teachers had a saying, “Eat the hay and leave the sticks.” This can also be applied to what you hear people say about you.  Simply leave the remarks you do not want to accept and zero in on the positive.

In all, do not allow your spirit to be crushed to bruising, but permit the washing of His Word to flow over you and cleanse away all the pain.

If you are wallowing - - - Get up. Know that God has great things in store for you.

Come to his table and dine. He is preparing a feast !

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