Monday, January 24, 2011

The Long Lasting Winter Coat

It had taken me a long time to save up $75 so that I could purchase a new Winter coat.

The coat I wore for seven years was a neutral grey color, a sturdy fabric and was still in good condition, but I just wanted a new Winter coat and in my mind I needed one.

Then our church had a Missionary speaker.  Afterwards they took a special offering to assist with a project the missionary was involved with.

The Lord spoke to me and said, “Give your $75 to this missionary.” I replied, but Lord you know this money has been saved for my new coat, and besides that I have worn this coat every Winter for seven years, and now I deserve a new one.”

It is hopeless to argue with the Lord and I knew that, so I told Him, “If you will cause this old coat to last another seven years, I will wear it and give up this money for the missionary.” 

Then I cheerfully placed my coat money into the offering plate.  (The Lord loves a cheerful giver.)

The amazing thing was that the coat still looked new at the end of another seven years. But now I was tired of it, and my friend who had a Cost-Co membership took me with her and helped me select and purchase a new coat.

Another friend, asked me. “What did you do with your old coat?” I told her, “I still have it and probably will give it away.” She asked me if she could buy it but I told her no, I will I gladly gave it to you.  I think she wore it for awhile, and then because her sister needed a coat, she gave it to her sister.  As far as I know, that coat is still going on from person to person.

The Lord promises to multiply that which is freely given, and I believe my $75 went a long way also. I do know that in many ways we were prospered in health and finances, and I tend to believe it was from my faithfulness in obeying His voice.

In the dusty march from Egypt to the Promised Land, the Israelites experienced an amazing happening. Their shoes and their clothing did not wear out for 40 years. I suppose there was hand me downs for their growing children.

Aren’t you happy that on this earth, you don’t need to wear the same thing for 40 years?

Today as Christians, we wear the Robe of His Righteousness. I expect that it is a neutral white color and probably glistening in the light of the SON. Or it could be a royal Purple color and that would be nice too.

One day, the Lord promises to give us crowns to wear as we rule and reign with Him. Oh that will be an exciting time, but for now He expects me to listen to His voice and obey.

From time to time, I do hear him speak to give this or that and I obey.

I hope you are also are listening and will follow his instructions when he tells you to give or to do some work for Him, whether is in the Spring, Summer, Fall or in the Winter.

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  1. I think how we give is every bit as important as what we give. When we give sacrificially, we honor God and He delights in that.

  2. Hazel Moon, you've surely chosen the better part. Beautiful story.

  3. What a beautiful story of selflessness! Love it. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us to do the same.

  4. I just love this idea of your coat, and your $75 changing lives. Thank yo for sharing this lovely story.

  5. Such a great story about hearing God's voice and obeying him. May you continue to walk blessedly close to Him! Thank you for sharing!

  6. that was a good seven winter story


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