Saturday, January 22, 2011

We’ve Never Done it That Way Before

Some people are so set in their ways that they refuse to attempt new ideas and new methods in this present age.  Many reject the thought that they should learn the computer.  They are afraid of e-mail, and are content to pay their bills with a check and send payments out by mail.

Churches are loosing members, right and left because their music, their rituals and the order of the service was always done a certain way, and God forbid to change anything.

The church must always lift up Jesus, and there are new joyful songs that can be learned and sang along with the old hymns, and even a little hand clapping in tune to the music is sometimes appropriate. (But not here, because that is something we never did before.)

A small church can give the member’s time to speak out their prayer requests, and also give a short praise, but please no “testimonies” Because we have never done that before.

At my church, I must have misunderstood, because the time that was allotted for “joys and concerns” seemed to be a great time to share a short joyful witness that would encourage the congregation.

One of the Council members took me aside and informed me that they had never done this before, but they would allow me a short witness once a month, just not too often.

My husband told me that if I liked this church, that I should abide by their decision, or shake the dust off from my feet and find another church. I did love the people and the Lord did not tell me to leave.

Difficult as it was, I kept stories bottled up inside, but - -

Because there was so much bubbling in my spirit that needed an outlet - - - a good friend and also my daughter suggested I should start a blog. They gave me tips and suggestions on how to begin, and off I went.

My friend’s daughter’s fiancé recommended two sites that are popular for Blogs. I selected Google, because at the top of the post is a place to view the “next blog.” This way you can see how others are posting. If you find a blog you like, you can leave a comment and they may return to view your blog. Comments are fun to give, and wonderful to receive.

My daughter suggested that I join Twitter and Face Book and leave a notice each time I did a post.

Then I discovered the blog carnivals, where bloggers enter their post along with other bloggers. Now it became even more exciting.

Yes, me a Senior Citizen, who had “Never done this before,” was launching out into a new ministry. Some accept my posts and others pay little attention. That is fine, because God is multiplying the messages. Each time a Face Book friend clicks on “Like” there the notice goes out to all their friends. Unknown followers are joining on Twitter and they often re-tweet.

Is there something good and exciting that you have never attempted before? Do not wait until you are as old as I am to jump in and get wet! Launch out and at least give it a try!


  1. yes, this is a good place to speak to the church as well. and you can do it more than once a month.

    i also tweet and do a little facebook.

  2. my twitter profile address is!/meilbheag


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