Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Free Lunch – Almost

There is a saying that goes something like this, “There is no such thing as a FREE Lunch.”

However my husband and I have been able to enjoy several FREE fast food breakfasts, and lovely lunchs and dinners! That is well almost free!

The catch was that I was required to write an internet report about our observances of the exterior, the interior, the waitress, the cashier and the manager. How clean was everything? Were you greeted warmly, did they smile and make good eye contact? How was the service? How many customers were ahead of you in line? How many customers were seated in the restaurant when you arrived? What was the timing from ordering to delivery of your meal? Was the food hot? Was it tasty? Did you inspect the restrooms and was everything working and clean?

Sounds easy – right? It is if you can secretly make notes in the bathroom, and remember all that happened while you were there.

The establishment is not supposed to know that I am a Mystery Shopper, but later on they will be given a copy of my anonymous report by the company that I work for.

In life, we are constantly being observed by others, and they watch for our smiles, and our attitudes. Are we pushy, rude, winy, loud, or are we gracious, kind, soft spoken, and helpful to others?

Not just people are watching us, but also God is taking notes. If we realize we have messed up (sinned) we can confess and amazingly, He wipes the slate clean and we start over.

I am reminded in the Bible, God made available free manna for the children of Israel. They were instructed to gather enough for their family, each morning for five days. On the sixth day they were to collect double because on the seventh day there was no manna for it was a day of rest. God continued to provide Free Manna as they trudged along on their way to Canaan Land. Almost free, because they did have to take their baskets and gather (or work for it.)

In the New Testament it is recorded that Jesus did provide some free lunches to a large host of followers. On two occasions He fed several thousand persons from a small amount of food that was on hand.

On this earth, unless we are in a soup line, there probably is not an abundance of free lunches. However in Heaven, God has promised that he is preparing a great supper for all those who have received Jesus as their Savior.

No charge, because Jesus has already paid it all. FREE–ly Given.

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