Thursday, January 13, 2011

Foolishness on Highway 70

As we drove along Highway 70, we had just witnessed the car in front of us, cut around another vehicle and cause some angry hand and finger waving along with some fuming fancy words.

The first car pulled off the road to a stretch by the underpass and the second car followed behind him.

My husband decided that perhaps we should do something, so he pulled off behind both vehicles.

The driver closest to us, jerked open his car door and hastily exited his automobile. He was angry and from the looks of him, he was ready for a fight.

Then he noticed us.

I held up a tablet so he could see that I was writing down their license plate numbers.  (This was before we owned a cell phone.)

The standing driver made a quick decision to have second thoughts and jumped back in his car and began to slowly pull away and head down the road. We held our position and waited patiently, probably a full minute.

The other car kept looking in his rear view mirror and at last decided that we might not possible be a threat, but he did not want to face us, so he cautiously put his car into gear and began to pull onto the highway and drive off.

We followed and kept following until we decided that these two hot heads had cooled down. By now the first car was no-where in sight.

Perhaps they were embarrassed, felt guilty, were ashamed at their childishness, but haven’t we all done foolish things and then regretted it?

Next time something similar to this happens to you, and you discover that anger is flaring up and your temper is about to get the best of you, please allow that unseen visitor to show up and calm you down before you make a hasty error in judgment.

God is very good at sending His Holy Spirit to follow you and let you know it is time to calm down.

Not always will you view a visible presence, but God has his ways of letting you know that what you are considering in not the greatest plan or policy or in your best interest.

Heeding that inward voice of the Holy Spirit will prevent lots of mistakes and to be on the safe side; stop, look, and listen before you take action.

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