Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Aunt Hazel’s Mating Game Advice (Repost)

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 Are you serious about desiring a mate?  The first item on your list should be to pray and ask the Lord to send that special someone across your path.

Church is usually the perfect place to find a Christian mate, but don’t discount other places or ways for this to happen. After all, not every good prospect attends YOUR church! 

Small-groups in your church are a good place to find eligible men or women! Do join one! Of course, do not fail to participate in the discussions at a Bible study. Men like a woman who speaks out, but watch out! The ladies who want to argue or talk non-stop will cause a man to lose interest quickly!

Men also do not like grouchy, complaining women, so put on a joyful face and watch your words. Public grumbling is so unbecoming!

Women want a man who will open up and talk to them, and at least tell them they look nice, and they are pretty or beautiful. If he can cook, that helps too.  :-)

What about qualities? I had a friend who made a list of the traits she wanted in a husband. Each night she would pray as she went over her list, and she would tell the Lord that she believed He was bringing this type of person into her life. As I recall, most of the qualities were there when she did find a good husband.

I do not believe she settled for less. The simple fact is that no one is completely perfect and her expectations were very high. Of course, now she knows that there are always compromises in a marriage - especially if one desires peace in the household. Treating each other with kindness and respect is vital to any relationship. Not always wanting the “last word,” can save a marriage!

Not necessarily suggested, but one of my daughters found her wonderful husband through a Christian dating service, so pray and investigate. There is an internet site that reviews Christian dating services: http://www.christiandatingservice.com/  interestingly enough, they do NOT recommend some of the more popular companies such as e-Harmony.

Some friends of mine have found they are happy to remain single; and there are many reasons for this, too.

The Bible tells us above all, to learn to be content!  Do not be afraid to enjoy life, in whatever station in which you find yourself.

Proverbs 18:22 Who ever finds a wife (or husband) finds a good thing, and obtains favor of the LORD.

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Cris Ferreira said...

Hazel, about the relationship, you reminded me of this quote:
"To keep your marriage brimming, with love in the wedding cup, whenever you’re wrong, admit it; whenever you’re right, shut up."
If only we could do that... :-)

a joyful noise said...

That quote is so very good!! When we are right, we want to announce it! However to keep peace we must shut up. I liked that!

Anonymous said...

So thankful I don't need one, I like the one I got! Thanks Lord!"

Hugs Vicki K

Peter P said...

God sent my wife to me online.

Not through a dating service, just through 'chance' (like there is such a thing with God)

Great tips, Hazel!

Aritha said...

Thanks for the great tips. I can tell it to my daughers :-)

Just Be Real said...

Blessings to you and yours.

floyd said...

"Not always having the last word." That says so much about maturity I think. It's impossible to have a successful relationship in any form without considering another's perspective and being respectful of it. And I have to admit, I never get enough in the way of reminders to snap me back to the things that are so important; like telling my wife she looks nice. Thanks Hazel

Wanda said...

Wonderful advice during this month that many hearts are turned toward the idea of love & relationships.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hazel - great post and great advice and certainly the right month to do it in :) It is so true one should be specific in prayer in all things. So why not in a spouse? Thanks for linking up Hazel. I love seeing you there
God bless

Carol said...

Good advice for finding a marriage partner and nurturing a relationship.
Thanks for stopping by my blog--for your best wishes.