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Patience is a Virtue Learned

Waiting - Waiting
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One of my male Blogger friends reminded me after yesterdays post - - That Life, work, and testosterone get in the way of a MAN’s spirit sometimes, and yes men do at times get irritated at their wives. Each spouse has different takes on the event.  He feels lack of respect and she feels a bit less than love shown.  In the end forgiveness is the key to peace.

My own memory was jogged a bit as I considered my own selfishness and loosing my own patience many times. Here follows a true story that you may identify with. We all are able to learn if we have a teachable spirit and are able to become quick to apply truth.

Patience is a Virtue Learned

Many years ago, we had moved to a new house on the hill that was about four miles from out church. Our children were in their late teens and early 20s, and our two daughters still living at home with us, had their own jobs and transportation.

My husband and I had gone to the Wednesday night service at our church, just the two of us. The service was over and I was talking to one of our friends because we were planning an event soon to happen. Robert said to me, “Come on I need to go home.”

I replied, “Give me another minute.” - - I should have understood that tomorrow was a big day at work for him, and he needed his sleep, but I was busy talking.

I love my husband dearly and he is a wonderful man, but there is one virtue that he did not have, and that was “Waiting.” He to this day still hates to wait in line at the store, and if the line is too long, I have known him to leave without purchasing anything.

Patience was not my husband’s best attribute, but that night he learned a lesson by experience. Some times you can learn by being instructed, but other times you learn by experience. Perhaps I needed to learn a lesson too.

Anyway, there were several couples still at the church, and my husband thought to himself, “I am sure that someone will give her a ride home,” so he jumped in our car and took off without me. Now this was not the first time he had left me somewhere, and as soon as I understood what had happened, I decided that this would be the last time.

Most everyone at church had left, and my friend and I finished our planning. I gathered my things and started to leave the church. One of the fellows realizing what had occurred said, “Hey, let me give you a ride home.” I was a bit angry at that point, so I blurted out ”No thank you, he must have want me to walk home, so walk home I am going to do.”

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One of my faults is that I am a manipulator, and that night I had a plan. There is always a short way and a long way, and that night I decided to take the long approach home. I would walk up the hill to our son and his wife’s cottage because I knew they were on a mini vacation. In my purse was a set of their keys so that was not a problem, once there I would take a short nap.

Arriving at their place, I let myself in, and rested for probably thirty minutes, then I decided it was time to go home. Taking the trail along the freeway, I hiked back to our overpass that would take me home.

Very quietly I readied for bed and slipped carefully under the covers. Strong arms entwined around me and a soft voice said, “How did you get home?” I replied, “I walked home, isn’t that what you wanted me to do when you left me.” His soft voice continued, “I will never leave you again.” “Do you promise?” I asked.  His reply was, “Yes I promise,”

We never spoke of this again, but  - - My lesson was to be ready when he says, “Let’s go.”

His lesson was arrived at by an experience, and true to his word, he has never left me again.

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  1. Loved your honesty here... I think you are an amazing woman, walking all that way and letting go of your anger so simply. One of things I love most about being God's girl is doing the opposite of what the world would do in any given situation. Great testimony to patience and self-control! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Great story! Humility is certainly something we need to practice daily; patience and compromise between spouses is so important to a lifetime of ever-growing love and continued respect for one another.

    Blessings and hugs! :)

  3. Hi Hazel - I love how you are going through the fruits of the spirit. Great post and thanks for linking up. Look forward to seeing you there again next week.
    God bless

  4. Your husband and I have much in common. It usually does take a big mistake in order to really get our attention. The thing he felt was disrespect, the thing you felt was probably less than love. That sums up the struggle between spouses in a general way.

    I have to say your wisdom in the matter coupled with your love, demonstrated in forgiveness is what most marriages lack. Thanks for sharing... I'm listening closely...

  5. Love your honesty and vulnerability here! Floyd is so right the difference between the way men and women see situations is huge. Proud of you.

  6. My poor husband sometimes has to wait while I'm yammering with someone. I'm more careful now. He doesn't get up and head for the front door of the church or a home until I'm truly headed that way. Used to say I was and then would become side-tracked again. I've become a bit more considerate of his circumstances.

    You sound like you could be one tough cookie sometimes... and that would also describe me. In this present day and age, though, walking so far after dark could be a highly dangerous "I'll show you!" action. AND, when Dave and I are going to have different activities at or around anywhere, we simply drive separately, which is more easily done in today's world than it was back then.

  7. I love the image of arms encircling you in the end.

    You mentioned here that you haven't spoken of it again. I'm wondering if you'll share this post with him?

    It's just lovely.

    1. Robert has my blog site notices but I will probably not go out of my way to share this post.

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  9. I would have done the same thing! I am quite a manipulator too. The only difference is that my husband is more patient than I am. And I am learning from him daily... =)


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