Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kindle Cover - Guest Post by Terry Moon

Guest post by Terry Moon my favorite sister-in-law

Terry reports:

When we heard that Amazon sold 6 million Kindles for the holidays, my husband suggested I make covers. He bought me one for Christmas so I was able to make a template.

If you purchased one of these readers, you might also like to consider a protection cover and I welcome your visit to my Etsy site. 

Here’s the link:
Sample Kindle Cover

View my Kindle Cover eReader Sleeve on Etsy. I show a sample here.

Here's what I've been working on for my Etsy shop.

I have designed padded covers that will fit the Kindle Fire, Original Kindle and Kindle Touch. Protect your eRead from scratches. I have many more listed in my shop in a variety of fabric choices. 

Please stop by.

The Kindle Cover is padded and will protect your eReader from scratches. Slide your Amazon Kindle into this beautiful 100% cotton cover to store or to transport.

I welcome your visit and please share with a friend!!  Terry

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