Thursday, June 9, 2016

How’s Your Appetite?

Our prayer group meets every Wednesday to pray over our city.  Pastor asked me to bring a short focus prior to praying over our city.  The Lord gave me some interesting thoughts.

            How’s Your Appetite?

Immediately your thoughts went to food when you saw that question, am I right?

Actually there are appetites for other things besides food.

Let’s be real?  And consider some appetites that are misguided desires for - - -

1.     Fame and Fortune
2.     Fornication
3.     Homosexuality
4.     Pornography
5.     Gambling
6.     Drugs smoked, ingested or injected.
7.     Alcohol
8.     Narcotics
9.     Tobacco

If a person looses their appetite for food, they fail to eat and eventually will die.

Today I want to speak about Reversing and Losing appetites for the things that do NOT please God, so that the appetite will die (and not the person.)

We are here today to pray over our city – many of our citizens are bound with appetites that are sending them to hell.  They received an appetite curse when they took their first hit, and this curse is destroying them.

Today we are praying that the Curse will be REVERSED - - and a new appetite for God will come.

We will pray that sinful appetites will be REVERSED and REMOVED- - and a desire for Jesus and His Righteousness will replace the old.

We sing the chorus:  Break Every Chain.  Chains are appetites and addictions.  Jesus will break every fetter and every chain.

Many have been to “Recovery” programs and I am thankful for the work they are doing.  Yet many are clean but are struggling because - - hidden underneath - - the appetite is still there; even when the person is doing a good job at ‘controlling’ the desires.  Reversal and Removal of the appetite is needed.

AA and others use the term “Higher Power” because it is more palatable and each person can chose what ever god they want.  Let it be known that the Higher Power that will deliver completely is Jesus Christ.

Some will call their addiction “a Disease.”  Calling addiction a disease; means it is not your fault, and again this is more palatable than calling addiction “a SIN.”

I realize the next verse is speaking about physical healing and is not referring to disease as sin, but let us claim this verse for this occasion to heal the appetite of addiction.

Psalms 103:3  He is the one who forgives all your sins, who heals all your diseases

When new converts who have been involved in Witchcraft and Spiritism it is important for them to include a prayer of renunciation and a declaration that they renounce these spirits and no longer want these spirits in their life. 

The empty house must be replaced with the Holy Spirit of God.

Before we can pray for others, we must pray for ourselves. 

Can you pray this prayer with me?  (This is a prayer of declaration and dedication.)

“I acknowledge there are some hidden appetites that I no longer want in my life.  I renounce every controlling spirit of addiction and command it to be removed and reversed.  Lord, replace the emptiness within me and FILL my spirit with an appetite for More of God and His Holiness. I ask this in the precious Name of Jesus who shed His blood and died for me.”

Jesus spoke about appetites of hunger and thirst in Matthew 5:6  Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness! For they shall be filled.

David declared in:  Psalms 107:9  For He has satisfied the thirsty soul, And the hungry soul He has filled with what is good.

Pray first for ourselves and then for our citizens that there will be a change in our appetites - - to Hunger and Thirst after Jesus and to seek His Righteousness.


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