Sunday, June 26, 2016

Shift to the Other Side

Obedience brings Abundance
Pastor Allan was ministering as I took notes and present a digested message here.

The glory of the Lord was present in a special way, and Pastor was speaking.  It doesn’t matter the things going on around you because Jesus is in control and He is worthy of all. 

God is present and He will meet you where you are at in life.  If you have thoughts that you are unworthy, please understand it is a lie from the enemy. 

God offers the great exchange, taking your old life and bringing newness of life removing the guilt and shame.  He then makes you worthy and clothes you with His righteousness. 

God is in the business of restoring that which the enemy has stolen.   At times it may feel like no progress is being made, but know that God desires to bless you abundantly.  He calls, but you must step out in faith to obey His command.

How many years have some of us wrestled with God as Jacob did?  I want God’s direction in my life and to always hear His voice.  I want to quit wrestling and surrender.

John chapter 21, records the event, where Jesus was with his disciples and Peter decided to go fishing.  He labored all night but caught nothing. 
The next morning Jesus called to Peter and asked “How goes it?”  Peter replied, “I haven’t caught even one fish.”  Jesus said, “Cast your net on the other side of the boat.”  Peter questioned in his heart; what good would that do - - isn’t one side as good as the other - -? But never the less at the words of Jesus he decided to obey.

In life there may be some things that seem foolish and silly, but it is best to obey when the Holy Spirit says to do something differently. 

Jesus said, “Stop what you are now doing and try the other side.”  All that night, Peter was expending wasted energy and time, and had not consulted Jesus in the first place about going fishing.

By obeying Jesus command there was a shift in time and space and abundance became the answer.

These men were fishermen, and they knew their business.  They expected to catch fish and knew where all the best spots were - - but not this time.  Jesus was testing their faith and desired to see if Peter was willing to obey a seemingly silly request to switch sides of the boat.

God desires to do something greater and deeper in our lives.  He wants you to live an abundant life; for you to have enough and more than enough body, soul and spirit.  We can never outdo God.  Miracles are available for you today.  God desires only good for you.

John 10:10 says:  The enemy comes as a thief to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus comes to bring us life and that more abundantly.

The Master Plan of God is abundance, and that requires our cooperation and obedience to His Word.

The shift is sometimes in steps as He leads us along his Holy pathway.  There are better, deeper and abundant ways to live.

Don’t sit doing what you have always done.  Be willing to move to the other side.  When God speaks, actions are required on our part.  Never the less we shall obey.  Be willing to step up and volunteer and work along side those ministering here in this church.

Yes, we focus on one another, building up the brethren, encouraging, but we need to reach out to those outside of our church. 

My dream is to begin an outreach work with the Local High School.

I believe Jesus can deliver the worse sinner, the worse addict and the sickest diseased person.  We are already seeing God strip away the dross and change lives.  Casting our net on the other side does bring results. 

Build yourself up to become strong through Spiritual exercise.  Prepare yourself by personal prayer and Bible reading.  There are higher levels in God so come on up higher.  God will reveal His purpose to you in your prayer closet. 

Change is not always comfortable, but I encourage you to reach out, step up and experience more of God’s abundance.  Trust Him, for He will not lead you astray. 

We serve an amazing God and He is so mindful of us and of every little thing that disturbs us.



  1. "Be willing to move to the other side." Seems pretty simple at a glance, but it is indeed the smallest of acts that bring the biggest of advances in our Father's kingdom.

    Your site is so rich in wisdom, sister. The seemingly simple and small things become so clear and so enlightening.

    Blessings to you, Hazel, and all of yours.

  2. A shift in our approach to get to our goals and a lot of faith. That's what we really need to make our miracle. :)


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