Sunday, June 5, 2016

Jesus the Sent One


Pastor Allan was ministering and from my notes I present a digested sermon.

“It is important that we share with one another what God is doing in our life.  A brother gave an inspiring testimony of healing and the people were encouraged.

Pastor mentioned that last week he spoke about pursuing God and experiencing Him in your Spirit.  Knowledge is good, but we need more than just head knowledge to “KNOW” and experience God in your Spirit.

Religion is binding but in Christ there is freedom.  Reach out and seek His face.

God wants to use you and that is why He desires you to be released from all that binds you.  We must first desire release with a sincere heart.

Jesus met a woman in John chapter 4.  It was on purpose, for the Scripture says, He must needs go to Samaria.  He was tired and thirsty and sat upon the well that was there. 
It was not the usual time for woman to draw water, but a woman cautiously came to the well not wanted anyone to see her; for she was embarrassed about her lifestyle. 
Jesus asked her for a drink, and she questioned him about why he would ask of her a Samaritan.  He answered if she only knew who He was, she would ask and He would give her Living water.  She replied, “Ever more give me this water.” 
As they talked, his answers surprised her because he revealed that He knew about her sinful background. 
As their conversation continued he told her that God is a Spirit and we must worship Him in Spirit.  Then Jesus revealed to her that He was the Sent One from The Father, and He was the Messiah.  She immediately believed and ran to bring others to meet Jesus.

It is a matter of desire for a person to change.  Jesus offers us Living Water, but we must desire to come to Him.  Our desire must be more than a wish, but a deep craving for God, a yearning to serve, to obey and to drink of the Living water.  Receiving Jesus into your life is a supernatural event in your spirit.  It is a touch from above.

Allow Him to reveal to you who He truly is.  He knows all your hidden secrets, but He loves you anyway.  He wants to meet with you for a God encounter.  Desire to worship with an attitude of not caring what others think.  God will manifest Himself to you, as you praise Him.

You may be up here at the “alter time,” and it depends on your desire to receive.  Are you willing to commit and live a Holy life, or do you walk away empty?  I encourage you to allow the Holy Spirit of God to do a work in your heart and in your spirit.

Some wrestle with God and are not willing to lay it all down and give it up.  What holds you back from a full surrender to His will?

Stand with your hands raised, telling Him of your desire to love and serve Him.  Roll off your burdens at His feet.

The Samaritan woman ran to tell others that she had found the true Messiah.  He is the ONE to bring salvation.  He is the mighty God to deliver and heal every affliction and disease, including cancer.

Jesus is willing to remove all spirits of addiction.  Don’t be deceived, thinking you are too great a sinner.  Jesus came to seek and to save the lost and that includes you.

Jesus cared about that woman’s soul, as He shared with her the truth.

Do not grieve the Holy Spirit by turning away, because he yearns to draw you onto Jesus the Savior.
Thank you God for being present here today.  May those who enter our Sanctuary realize that God is here.


  1. It's amazing how in the Bible, Jesus always goes for those who are considered as outcast and make them feel special and loved. I love Jesus!

  2. "Roll off your burdens at His feet". I like that. We do carry the weight of the world on our shoulders till we hand it over to our Master, whose "yoke is easy and burden light". He carries us. Wonderful reminder, sister.


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