Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Friend in Need


At age 16, I was feeling blue, because my boyfriend had committed a crime and was being sent away to Juvenal prison camp.


In our neighborhood, we had a large number of teenagers, and we tended to pair up when we went skating or swimming, or walked to school together. 

This boy was one of our friends, and daily he and I enjoyed the short walk to school, and we also ate lunch together.


He and his two brothers were being raised by a single mom, and he never brought a lunch, so I would share my lunch with him.  I even asked my mother to add an extra half sandwich, and she never asked why, but I am sure she guessed.


It never dawned on me how my boy friend got his spending money, but he always seemed to have enough for things he wanted, like bus fare and cigarettes.


I learned of his arrest because of an article in the local paper about a teenager snatching a purse and getting caught.  I hid the paper from my dad, but he had already read it and was kind enough not to tell me “I told you so.”


There are times in life when we get hit with something that has happened to a friend, and we suffer depression along with them.  It is good to have other friends to come along side and cheer us up.


I don’t remember my family trying to console me, but it was my friends from the neighborhood that gave me comfort. My family felt to keep quiet, and not speak of it would be a good thing, and they were probably right.


At times we are at a loss for words, when others suffer. Probably the best we could do for one who is sad, is just spend some time with them, and let them talk while you listen.


I am so thankful that God is always a good listener and he also brings comfort to the broken hearted.


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