Thursday, June 30, 2016

Keep Praying

We must be careful not to become weary and faint as we pray.
When we are tired, we might say "What's the use?  Do my prayers really matter?"

Let me say, those thoughts are from the enemy who seeks to discourage our faith and press down on our “believer” to squash it to bits.

If our spiritual eyes were opened, we would be able to see a HOST of angels waiting to carry our prayers to heaven, and bring back the answer. The battle is not with guns and swords, but is with spiritual weapons that are made active when we pray.

We have been praying for our city and using a prayer list by a saint who believes we need to made Declarations and Degrees with a voice of prophesy over our city - our loved ones, our families and even over ourselves.

God is not dead and He does answer prayer.

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