Sunday, July 16, 2017

Natural and Supernatural

Sermon Sunday Morning at Open Door Church digested from my notes


Pastor Allan was speaking,  We need to be here.  We need to experience the Corporate Presence of God in this place.  What God really wants is for you to recognize his omnipotence, His glory and His presence in the congregation; and then take it with you.

I am tired of a mind set of independence, for we are a team, a body of believers.  We can’t put God in a box, and He must be allowed to move freely to work in our lives. 
God desires to correct, to fix and to lead us as He shows us the way to go.  Understand His plans may not be what you expected.  He moves in His way regardless of the bent of the people.  His desire is to save, heal and to deliver from bondage.

I desire my children to receive the Promise, and a move of God in this generation. 

People are searching and know not that their need is for God.

Some in this church have put expectations on people to control them. Understand that we are not the Holy Spirit telling people how to live. 

What is the model of God’s will?  What does God have for us as a corporate body and as individuals?  Everyone of us has a personal agenda; and often it is instead of being willing to allow God to have His plan.

We need miracles like it was in the Bible. 
God I claim miracles to meet the needs of the people.  Many are the needs, physical, financial and spiritual.  We need a revival in the hearts of our people. 
Pastor asked anyone with a need to raise their hand.  He moved among the people addressing several with needs for a job, some to overcome habits, and faith for healing.

We must stand in the gap for those who are suffering.  Those who are in impossible situations - - may they receive their miracle.  We must believe instead of question why.

When we are in God’s presence and we pray, all Hell shakes.  Posture yourself to understand the natural reveals the spiritual.  Let us view each other in the spiritual view. 

I Corinthians 15:46 However, that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual.

When Jesus was baptized by John, the Holy Spirit ascended upon him in the form of a dove.  We have experienced the dove, the flood, and the fire in the natural, and there are spiritual applications as well.

God’s desire is that we be healthy in the natural and also in the spiritual.

When others look at us I want them to see Jesus. 

The believers at Antioch were called Christians, because they were known as little Christ’s.  The term may have been meant to be ridicule, but the truth was they were reflecting Jesus so much that they were like Christ.

That is my prayer for this church that we will be so like Jesus that miracles and the supernatural will be natural.



Wise Hearted said...

From your FB post it seems like you are doing well. I know it must be hard without Robert. I drop a prayer in the Lord's lap for you every once in a while like right now. I miss your blog hop Hazel and hope someday you get back into it. It has given me some great post to follow, especially yours. Blessings sister in the Lord.

Unknown said...

"Hell shakes". I like it because it's so true. We so underestimate the Holy Spirit which is the Power that sustains this world. I also pray for our church and a revival.

I too send up prayers for you, sister. You have such a kind and caring heart for others. I count myself blessed to call you friend.