Sunday, April 25, 2010

Haircuts and Healing

Saving money is a priority these days, especially for those on a limited income! Mother always taught my siblings and me to be frugal, even when we felt we still had money to spend! Remembering mother’s wisdom, my brother has always frequented a local Barber College where prices are more reasonable for his haircuts.

On one particular hair-cutting day, the barber happened to be an East Indian lady. Out of the blue, she asked if he knew anyone who hears from God. My brother answered her, “Yes, I do know several people who hear from God!” My brother continued, “Why do you ask?”

She told him a weird, creepy story about spirits or some-thing coming into her bedroom at night and jerking all the covers off her bed. My brother was not surprised, because he has heard of such happenings disturbing people’s sleep.

With a long-standing Evangelistic background, my brother has ministered in the USA, Mexico and South America. He and his wife have a special gift to pray for people who need healing. They have seen and experienced quite a bit. Yes, he often hears from God.

My brother asked the lady barber if she had any images or religious icons in her house, and she told him no. Then he asked if she had any paintings or photos of religious idols or statues. She replied that she had a picture of Buddha in her bedroom. No preaching was done. This was not the time or place, but he did instruct her to dispose of her picture of Buddha and get it out of the house.

Several weeks passed and it was time for another haircut. On this occasion, the same Indian lady barber came to cut his hair. She seemed happy, and appeared glad to see him.

He asked her if she had any more of those bed-cover episodes and she replied, “No, not since I got rid of that picture of Buddha!” By now The Holy Spirit began speaking to my brother. He told the lady, “You have a problem with your arm and shoulder, do you not?”

She acted surprised at his question, but she replied, “That is amazing, how did you know that?”

Now, because this was a public place and my brother was trying to be tactful, he replied, “Well I just thought that you might have a problem.” He paused and then continued, “And I am going to pray that God will heal your arm.” Without touching the Lady, he softly, but in a voice of authority said,” Be healed in Jesus Name.”

The lady jumped as if in shock and yelled out,” I’m healed, I’m healed!”

This sudden outburst absolutely startled my brother, along with all the other customers in the barber shop!

Since things had already gone this far, my brother plunged on ahead. He boldly told her that she needed to ask Jesus into her heart. He explained that if she would follow Christ, He would give her continued peace. He recommended that she attend a certain church he knew of close by and for her to learn more about Jesus.

Healing, happiness and a haircut, all in one visit! This little barber was so excited and thankful that she promised she would do what he said! Not only did my brother save money, but he also had the joy of participating in God’s economy!

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