Monday, April 26, 2010

Amazon Adventure

My passport was in order and I was enroute to meet my friend in Texas, where I would change planes. She and her grown son were waiting for me. We checked into our plane headed for Lima Peru, where we would, once again, change planes so that we could fly inland to Iquitos.

Located along the Amazon River, the city of Iquitos is the largest city in the Peruvian rain-forest. It cannot be reached by outside roads; only by airplane or boat. We were excited and thrilled at the invitation to participate in a Christian Women’s Conference in this huge city!

Our Sponsor was long time Evangelist, Kitty Hamilton, whose colorful ministry has covered Peru, Germany, the Congo, Malaysia, Indonesia and other parts of the world. Being fluent in five languages was a tremendous benefit for Kitty; my friend spoke Spanish. I and one other speaker were the only ones who needed an interpreter!

Honestly, my family was not at all happy about this trip! Their concern was the distance and the possibility that my life could be in jeopardy. My son was extremely upset at the thought of danger, while my youngest daughter thought I was just plain crazy! Then there was my husband. He was also not in agreement with my travels.

Of course, I had prayed and I simply told everyone that this was something that I needed to do! I expected the Lord to protect me and be there with me all the way. Hesitantly and reluctantly, my husband agreed to pray for our safety and to assist me to the airport. Later, during a routine doctor’s visit, upon checking my husband’s blood pressure, his Doctor advised, “Next time, you go with her!”

Our gracious hosts made certain that we were protected and accompanied at all times to the church. One pleasant afternoon, they arranged for us to take a boat trip. Not just any boat trip! We were headed up the Amazon River to visit a Native village. The Indians demonstrated some native dances and gifted us each with a hand made necklaces. In return, at our host’s suggestion, we offered the chief a small gift of money.

Kitty was the fiery main speaker! Not to be left out, during the week, we were each given opportunity, in several sessions, to share what the Lord had placed on our hearts.

One afternoon workshop stood out! As I spoke about how to be released from hurts of the past, it was apparent that the timing was right! My interpreter, a Missionary who lived there in the city, was well acquainted with the “spiritual” problems of the people. Many needed to be released from the bondage of early childhood traumas of abuse, and of occult practices. Throughout the question and answer session my interpreter was of utmost help, assisting with many of the answers needed.

The opportunity to preach at one of the local churches was offered to me. I spoke on the “Names of Jesus,” and how they applied to His ministry and to us today. The pastor followed up with an alter call and several people came forward to receive the Lord. The Holy Spirit was busy!

Traveling home, there was an over night stop in Lima. One of the other speakers and I were traveling back to California together so we shared a hotel and expenses. Warm water for my shower seemed like such a luxury!!

What a tremendous experience this trip was!

Once at home, I penned a story about the trip and the ministry. Along with an album of photos taken on our visit, I took it to my place of work to share. Ministry did not stop in Iquitos! Lives were also touched here in California!

Ultimately, all the results are left up to the Lord. One plus that continues until this day, was the contact made with the Missionary family. We remain in touch through mail and the internet.

I’ll never forget my trip! God is still at work in Peru! Although I am back home, my husband and I still have a part in continuing that work right from where we are!

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