Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thrills and Spills of a Trip to Sweden

Sweden was the setting for a great Chiropractic seminar, so our son seized the opportunity and signed up. For companionship, as well as a little skiing, our daughter decided to accompany him.

The snow was lovely and just right for the slopes. Rental equipment was readily available, and our daughter had carefully planned her day, while her brother was at his session. Her excitement abounded! She looked forward to skiing, dinner with her brother, and perhaps some shopping!

“Long distance from Sweden,” the operator said, “Collect call from your son.”

Naturally we accepted the call and anxiously asked, “Is everything alright?”

“Hi Mom,” our son spoke hesitantly, “I just wanted to let you know that I am at the Hospital here. Sis has had an accident and broke her leg while skiing today. It is a spiral break, and she is in surgery because they need to insert a steel rod to hold the bones together.”

I realized I had been inadvertently holding my breath and it suddenly escaped into an unplanned sigh. Abruptly, I announced that I would catch a flight so that I could be with her.

Our son remarked, “That won’t be necessary, Mom, because I have extended my stay and I will remain here and accompany her home when she is released.”

My mind and heart were still racing as I reluctantly agreed to his decision.

Conveniently enough, the hospital was located very near the ski slopes. Wouldn’t you know it? Strategically located, they expected lots of business, and apparently they were getting it regularly!

The airline was gracious to allow flight and date changes to coincide with her release. The trip home was no picnic, but the kind stewardess was generous to arrange special seating so her leg could be extended. The complete recovery was another story and a long drawn-out process.

In life today, there are many who have experienced a plunge on a slippery slope coming to a sudden halt with broken lives. Families and friends suffer the effects of their decent, immediately and, some for years to come. They need a place in which to recover.

Churches have been likened to a spiritual hospital where people can obtain comfort and healing. Many churches today offer recovery programs, AA classes, and serenity support groups. For that I am thankful!

Ultimately, Jesus is the Restorer of the fallen!

I am reminded that He says in Matthew 11:28 Come unto me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

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