Thursday, March 31, 2011

Box Lunch

The Love story of my Grandparents began when they met at a church box lunch social.

Each lady was to bring a box lunch, and the gentlemen would bid on the box, not knowing who the lady was. Then they were to share and enjoy the lunch together.

My grandmother Mary was a quiet governess and cared for the children of a neighborhood family. Therefore she did not meet many people outside the home, and church was a weekly event she always looked forward to.

Mary was happy to prepare a box lunch with fried chicken, potato salad, some walnut halves, and two slices of apple pie.

As the bidding for the lunches began, my Grandmother was hoping (and praying) that Allen would secure her lunch.

As God is my witness, Allen did win her box and this was their first “date.”

The old saying “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” is certainly true. On that day, Allen was smitten with my grandmother, and it did not take him very long to propose and ask her to marry him.

They began married life as share croppers, but soon Allen was able to use money he had been putting away for years, and purchase 10 acres in Lindsay, California.  He planted half the land in olive trees, and half in oranges. Also he planted several fruit trees which included a walnut, peach, apricot and a pomegranate tree. He built a barn and a chicken coop and along one side of the lot line planted a row of grapes, and a row of berries.

Their transportation was a horse and buggy, and my own mother remembers those rides to church and into town in what Grandma called their carriage.

Grandpa worked his land and earned the main portion of their living from the trees.

He did have a garden, and once a week he would go into town and knock on doors and sell fresh fruit, produce and brown eggs. This gave them extra income.
My mother remembers managing a fruit stand at their front entrance and selling produce and eggs for customers who would stop by.  Grandpa, Grandma, mom and her sister, everyone worked in the family.

A few years later, Grandpa purchased a new car for $300 and now they could drive to church and to town. They were married for over 50 years, and are now enjoying Heaven.

If you are looking for a mate - - may I suggest that you pray first and then be sure you are attending a good Bible believing church. A Christian companion will secure an undivided home!

Under all circumstances, never “settle” for someone outside of Christ!!

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  1. Love the box lunch bidding story -- how sweet!


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