Friday, March 4, 2011

No Cook Prunes

Each morning I open the fridge and reach in for three prunes that I have previously boiled for five minutes.

Prunes are wonderful to keep your system moving, and any fruit should be eaten prior to your usual breakfast.

Yesterday, I needed to boil more prunes. My husband walked by the stove and mentioned that the prunes were not boiling yet. I was busy at the computer and meant to set my oven timer for five minutes. (Should have but didn’t.)

Fully engrossed in reading my e-mail, it wasn’t until the odor of burnt prunes filled the room that I realized what had happened. And I really loved that kettle too!  - - It was ruined !!

After mentally beating myself up, I not so quickly, but finally I forgave myself.  You are aware that it is not healthy to hold grudges even against yourself ? . . . and God forgave me too!

My husband knows not to speak of this again, because at times he too is guilty of burning something on the stove.

So I have found a new and better way to plump my daily prunes. Here follows the recipe!

No Cook Prunes - - the easy way
Cover prunes with boiling water, place the lid on the kettle, and allow them to set until they are cool in the pan. This long soak will cause them to plump up nicely.

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  1. I actually like prunes -I know some people do not care for them. I've never boiled them though. I eat them moist but not plumped. I'll have to try plumped!

    I would say "sorry about the kettle" but then I know you're trying to not think of that...

    Smiles ~ Rachel

  2. I burned some broccoli in a pan the other day and the pan isn't ruined, but it wasn't easy to clean. And the broccoli was edible. Kind of. Then, the same evening, I also burned my arm on the oven while pulling out baked potatoes.

    This was not my shining moment in the kitchen.

    And I did kick myself for quite some time, frustrated with myself.

    Thank you for the idea for the prunes. Based on my track record in the kitchen, it's the only method I should try! ;)

  3. i am glad that you were led to a better way :-)


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