Monday, March 7, 2011

I am Lost

I am Lost

Yesterday is gone,

Today has come without a song,

I weep - - for I am Lost!

Tomorrow holds no hope

For all is no more,

I weep - - for I am lost!

Where shall I walk today?

Where shall I find the way?

I am afraid! - - for I am Lost!

The Savior’s outstretched hands appear,

I see my name is written there,

I am not lost - - for He has found me!

Come unto me He gently calls,

No longer shall you roam,

Heaven is your eternal home,

The Shepherd whispers,

Let me wipe away your tears,

I shall calm all your fears,

I have found you, no cause for alarm,

For you are safe in My strong arms!

Today is His, tomorrow is His,

My future is secure, I weep no more.

I know who holds tomorrow, for He holds my hand


  1. Amazing! The Great Shepherd goes to great lengths to find us. I weep no more!

  2. this is beautiful Hazel -- really beautiful. Because my mother is not familiar with blogs -- I'd like to cut and paste it into an email to her if you're okay with my doing that -- with your credit naturally!

    Thank you.


  3. Hazel, I simply loved this post, what a beautiful poem. I think this one is my favorite post of yours so far.
    "My future is secure, I weep no more". Loved it!

  4. Enjoyed this so much I want to sing it! Beautiful, thank you!

  5. I agree with Fatha Frank - it's like a song youw ant to sing. And it's the most important thing about any concept of "future."


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