Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Pink Easter Dress

Only three dollars and such a pretty color, but something was wrong. In my teen age spirit I heard, “The price is right, but look at the back how it dips with a low back neck line.”

I brushed the voice aside, because unless I bought this dress, I would not have an Easter dress that year. Besides, some of the other girls at church wear these low neck dresses, so it will be alright for me to do likewise.

Disregarding the still small inward prompting, I purchased the dress and proudly wore it to church the next Sunday.

As was the custom, the Pastor asked those who desired to have a time of prayer to come forward. I went forward with many others that morning.

Very soon, I was approached by one of the dear older Saints as she reached out to rub my bare back and to make a statement, “Hazel, are you going the ways of the world?” I did not answer her, but I was embarrassed, shocked, and hurt.

Later when I arrived at home, I put the dress away. I don’t believe I ever wore that dress again. Others may wear some items, but I cannot. I learned my lesson to pay attention to the inward voice.

That afternoon, our Pastor’s wife, called me on the telephone. She had over heard the ladies remark, and thought I needed some comfort and support. She began, “I am so sorry for you, and I thought the dress was lovely.”

Not wanting to be abrupt, I stopped her right then and there and spoke, “Dear Sister Pastor’s wife, I do need to tell you that our precious lady friend was right. The Lord had already told me NOT to buy that dress, but I disobeyed because the price was right.”

I continued, “There are some outfits that are appropriate for other places, but the Lord has instructed me that when I come to church to worship him, that I must dress moderately and in good taste. That dress was not a church dress, but I wore it anyway, and I was wrong.”

Our Pastor’s wife understood, because she always practiced what Paul had instructed about women to dress modestly as is proper for women making a claim to godliness.

Today I cringe when I view Christian women wearing shorts and halter tops to church.

My mother taught me better, and we need mothers today who will be examples, and teach their girls to respect God’s house with their behavior and with their outward apparel.
The site below is a post by “The Preacher’s Wife.” I believe you will enjoy her message!


  1. It was sure sweet of the pastor's wife to reach out and call you -- she knew you were hurting. Two good lessons here: one on compassion and the other on modesty.

  2. Yes, what Michelle said. And a good lesson on listening to those whispers of the spirit.


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