Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Personal Savior – Personal Pentecost

Grandma and Grandpa made it their practice to visit the Tulare county jail every Sunday and minister to the men incarcerated there.

My grandmother stumbled over some words; it was just the way she spoke.

Grandma with her hair pulled back in a bun, and her eyes sparkling with the love of Jesus, would urge the men to accept Jesus as their “persoilly” Savior. They knew what she meant and many of them did receive Jesus as Lord. She would also challenge the men to “Get rid of self.” To them, this meant; stop being so selfish, and to empty their old life and replace it for the new.

Grandma and Grandpa did not keep records, so until they reached heaven’s gate, they did not know for certain how many of their jail congregation received Jesus as their Personal Savior.

In the Bible we are reminded that before Jesus died on the cross, He breathed on his disciples and with authority spoke and said, “Receive ye the Holy Ghost.” It appears that His disciples were “Born again” at that moment. For them it was an experience of a personal salvation.

Later after Jesus had risen from the dead, He again spoke with authority and commanded a large group to tarry at Jerusalem until they be “Filled with the Holy Ghost and Power.”

This event was to be a “Personal Baptism into the Holy Spirit.” It was to be a second work of Grace.

The experience they received had several exciting things happening on that day. Tongues of fire appeared and set on each of their heads. Inside each believer another deep experience also happened. They began to speak in languages that they did not know in the natural. Others heard and were puzzled and afraid! What does this mean?

Many from other lands were in Jerusalem at that time because it was the Pentecost celebration. These men from elsewhere were all amazed and wondered how these unlearned men were speaking in a language know to these travelers, about the wonderful works of God.

Close observation will alert you to understand that there is MORE that God offers to the believer. He offers first a Personal Salvation, when Jesus comes into your heart by His Holy Spirit. Then there also is a Personal Baptism into the Holy Spirit for those willing to ask for the anointing of power.

May I urge you as believers to seek a quiet place and offer yourself as a living sacrifice unto God and ask him to let His Fire fall on your sacrifice? Do not fear, because the gifts that God gives are holy and good. His gifts will give you confidence, and boldness that you never knew before. Let Him be your Personal Savior, and your Personal Pentecost.

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