Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fear Not for I am With You

Trust and Have Faith
courtesy photobucket.com
Shadows darken round me,
Night is falling . . . falling
Where is the voice
That I hear calling . . . calling?

Waters billow and cover me,
When shall the morning bright
Break over the dawn
And bring me light.

Dreams of tomorrow
Are so dark, nothing is real
All is lost as my hopes
Vanish in the pale

The voice comforts me
You shall rise again,
In God there is no fear,
Your trust is not in vain.

A new day approaches,
Help is on the way
I will be with you
Through the coming day!

03-16-11 Hazel Moon

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The Word is TRUST


  1. thanks for the poetry :-)

  2. A new day - lovely.
    Thanks for linking. I hope to see you next Wednesday.


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