Saturday, March 26, 2011

How Does Your Loved one Show Love??

My Blogger friend Ann Kroeker posted a story about her husband bringing her avocados instead of flowers or candy. She loves avocados and as they are usually expensive, she does not purchase them on her trip to the grocery store. Her husband understands her fancy to avocados, and from time to time, he brings her a bag with two or three avocados. She enjoys them on a sandwich, added to her salad, or sometimes mashed into a guacamole.

Ann then posed the question, “How does your husband show his love to you?”

The comments were varied and all were interesting. I could not resist, so I sent her this comment.

“He brings you avocados! That is sweet! What does my husband bring me?  Ha-ha, nothing, as he says I am free to go to the store and get anything I want. (smile) My husband is not much of a cake person, so when it is his birthday, instead of a Birthday cake, I bake him a pie. Coconut or banana cream are his favorites, although he does enjoy a nice apple pie too!”

Then as I thought more on the subject I wrote to Ann a second time, adding to my other thoughts.

“Hi Ann I am back again as I must add more on how my husband shows me love. He began as my cook when I was working and because of his health, he was a stay at home husband. When I retired, he continues to cook for me every day. Another loving thing he did for me was to fix the Venetian blinds behind where my computer sits in the corner of my kitchen. The sun was shining through the blind slits into my eyes. I was wearing a cap to keep the sun out. LOL. He cut a piece of cardboard and placed it behind the already shut blinds, and now I can type to my hearts content any time of the day! When he put the board in place behind the blinds, he asked me if I knew what that was? I said, “What?” He replied, ‘That is Love.”

How does your husband, or wife, show you love?

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  1. I loved our conversation--and I feel like I know you better than ever! :)

    It's small things, small acts of love, that often say the most.

  2. Hi Hazel,
    Thanks for the visit. I'm the one who sent you the Ambrosia Salad Recipe that you saw at Ann's before Christmas. You were using it for a pot-luck at church.

    I love the story about your husband. I missed commenting at Ann's so I'll mention here one of the ways I see my husband's love displayed.

    Just recently, he was on a business trip across the country. Every night before he went to sleep, he called me and we prayed. He told me that he missed me and I did the same.

    This has been our routine for as long as I can remember when my husband goes out of town for business. These days, it is not as often as when we were first married years ago. And I'm glad. But those phone calls were the next best thing to having him right there with me.

    Blessings to you, Hazel.


  3. "Loved this one. Let's see..Randy vacuums for me...I get avocados too and special coffee. The most creative thing though is Randy gave me a screwdriver set decorated with flowers.."


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