Monday, March 21, 2011

Family Outing – and our Goal

My dad was a hard worker. He often labored extra hours to care for his family. There was not much time for family outings. Mother usually was the one to see that we were taken to the park or entertained.

I remember back, one time, Dad decided we needed to do something together and that a fishing trip would be something we would all enjoy - - or at least something to remember.

Mother packed a picnic lunch, and with sun glasses, straw hats, swim suits, warm jackets and we took off for the Tracy Delta.

Boats were for rent at the boat house, and Dad selected a row boat that we could all fit into. The boat man warned us to return to the dock before dark.

It was a beautiful day, and we were excited. Perhaps we were too loud with our laughing and talk, because by noon we hadn’t caught a thing.

Dad pulled the boat over to a place where we could tie it up and have a swim before our lunch. Mom was prepared with towels and we three kids had a wonderful time in the water. We soon worked up an appetite and we certainly were ready for our picnic lunch.

Dad asked us all get back in the boat, and we set off again hoping to catch some fish. As we fished, the sun went behind some clouds, and Dad realized that it was time for us to return to the boat house. We began to row awfully hard in the direction of the dock.

We rowed and rowed and rowed, but it seemed that the tide was against us, and we just were not gaining on our quest to reach our goal.

By now it was dark, and we three kids were getting scared.

Mother must have been praying for help, because before long a motor boat pulled up along side and asked if they could assist us? Are you kidding? “Yes,” we exclaimed, “That would be wonderful.” The men in the motor boat attached a rope to our row boat and began to tow us to shore. It was a LONG ride, much longer that we had imagined. We had drifted a long way.

Eventually we arrived back at the place of safety, and we were so very thankful to the men and to God for sending them to rescue us.

In life there are times we may be adrift and seeming to go nowhere. In our attempt to reach a place of safety, we may need some assistance. In God’s plan He has provided Pastors, Teachers, and helpers to encourage us along the way to reach our goals.

If you have not found a Good Bible Believing Church, it is time to search one out. They are there for your good, and will offer you a “tow” so you are able to reach the safe harbor.

Ephesians 4:11 And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;


  1. This is such a moving story...thanks for sharing

  2. Good word, Hazel and a powerful story. Thank you.


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