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Arrested Development

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Why no Growth or Maturity?
Quote from R.T. Kendall,

Arrested Development

“There comes a time when needy persons must begin to help someone else.  I know some Christians who after years still need the same old kind of help.  It has not entered their minds to help anybody else. They figure if they once get sorted out, then they will be on their way to help others. Yet years later they are still in much the same condition!  Often the best way to solve your problem is to get your eyes completely off yourself and start helping someone else. 

Trouble comes to us all, but if he or she does not dignify the trial, if they do not learn to forgive, if they do not grow in grace and walk in the light, something backfires internally; they might continue going to church, but there is an arrested development, and they never move on.”

What is RT saying here?  Is he suggesting that some people of sound mind and healthy body, want to be the one for others to bless and they are ready to receive your help with your money, groceries, clothes, and prayer.  Take a job?  No thanks, they are doing fine with your help so do not suggest they work.  In fact they have a list of others besides you, who also are an easy touch.

Why are the same people in need so much of the time?  RT believes they have not grown in grace, and have remained immature in their spiritual walk.  They may also be holding on to unforgiveness which has stunted their spiritual and material blessings.

We had a relative who was an alcoholic.  We tried to help him, we gave him work and money, we prayed at the alter bench with him, but to no avail.  He remained a drunk. 

Finally he left our state because he was wanted on a minor offence, and he began a new life.  He found a Baptist church, really got saved and now is sober and teaches a Bible class.

There are times when we just need to say, enough is enough and turn these needy people over to the Lord.

I realize that many are homeless, and seem to be on disability but why?  Did they ruin their health with diet, drugs or alcohol? 

Perhaps I am being harsh and judgemental, but maybe not.  I notice a man who parks his car in the same place every day with a sign that says, “Out of work and my family needs food.”   He is diligent to hold up that sign each day.

We had a pastor at one time, who told us how to find work.  He said, “Pack a bag lunch as if you are going to work, and start out early in the morning and visit every place in town where people work.  Treat looking for work as if it is your job.  Nine times out of ten, the person will find work in a short while.”

Thanks R.T. You have given us thoughts to ponder!

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  1. Excellent points. It is the emotionally and physically needy that tend to remain that way and I agree, it's been my life experience that selfish people tend to be ones most affected. We're all selfish, it's just that they take it to another level and never see it - they don't want to. These are the same people that if you have a conversation with them, it's always about them... They aren't interested in anything else...


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