Sunday, June 23, 2013

Deafening Sound of Silence

Sharing from my notes as Pastor Jerry ministered from I Kings 19:1-15 about the decline of Israel as they forsook God and worshipped other gods.  God caused there to be a draught and there was no water in the land.  The Prophet Elijah was sent to Ahab with a message that rain was on the way. 

Elijah ordered the prophets of Baal to build an altar to their God; and Elijah also built an altar to the true God.  He said to the people, the God who answers by fire is the one whom you should serve. 

After much dancing, cutting themselves, and chanting - - the priests of Baal gave up, because their god did not send the fire.

Elijah instructed his men to bring barrels of sea water and pour over his sacrifice.  He offered a simple prayer, and God sent fire burning up the sacrifice and also licked up all the water. 
Some thought Elijah may have abused his power, because he ordered all the priests of Baal to be gathered and slaughtered.

When wicked Jezebel, King Ahab’s wife heard the news about her prophets being slain, she was furious and vowed to kill Elijah.

By this time Elijah was extremely tired, and fear set in as he ran for his life.  He found shelter under the shade of a Broom tree.  Trying to relax he took a nap and before long he was twice awakened by an angel who offered him food for his journey. 

On  the strength of the Angel food he was able to travel for 40 days, until he reached Mt Horeb, and there he hid in a cave.  By this time he was really tired, weary and discouraged. 

God spoke and asked him why was he here?  Elijah began to enumerate all the good he had done, and all the self pity poured out, because he felt he was the only one left serving God.  The many “Why” questions came flowing out along with poor me.

In a voice soft as a whisper, God spoke and told him to go up upon the Mountain of God and he would show himself to Elijah. 
First there was a big wind, then an earthquake, then a fire, but God was not in any of those manifestations.  Then there was silence. 

In life we tend to get tired with all our busy activity, and we pile on the questions and jabber on talking and talking in our prayers.  God was asking Elijah to be still, and he often asks that of us - - so that we are free to listen.

We often complicate the matter.  We want an answer, and we want it now. 

Yes, God’s world needs healing.  We each need a personal awakening, and perhaps we also need to slow down, relax, and allow God to whisper to us.  God is there for what ever is our situation.

As we seek God’s guidance, we may have to settle down, find our own Broom tree, rest, be quiet and refreshed, and simply listen patiently. 

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  1. Good call. We are so busy doing and being that we forget to "be still and know that He is God." Being still can be painful, I think that's why many chase the wind...

  2. Dear Hazel
    This is a busy world that tells us daily that success is measured by business and worldly things. But we have a choice as to where we want to store out treassure. Taking part in the rat race is not necessary and we will enjoy life even on this side of eternity much more when we refuse to listen to that lie once and for all!
    Blessings XX

  3. I have to admit I struggle at being still and resting, but with God's help I'm getting better at it.

    Good message.

  4. I'm not sure my comment went through.

    Great message, one I'm working on. I'm not the best at being still and resting as I wait for God.

  5. Love the way these O.T. stories apply to us today. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I wrote about Elijah today, too. As a child I loved the Story of Elijah's mantle falling on Elisha. We sang the song, "Let Thy Mantle Fall On Me." I'm taking your encouragement to heart--I'm talking time to sit under a tree and be quiet.


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