Monday, June 10, 2013

The Bee Man

Our grammar school was only a short walk from school to home, and I was happily skipping along heading for home, minding my own business.

Suddenly a man’s voice that I did not recognize called to me.  “Little girl can you help me?” the man said.

Not speaking a word, I stopped and stared at the man who was clothed in a funny white suit with a big box in his arms. 
He stood across the street, and otherwise I would have run all the way home.

The man began to explain that he was the Bee man who lived across the street, but his bee hive had swarmed.  He believed that his queen bee had taken a host of bees with her, and that she was now in our back yard.

He stayed on his side of the street as he asked me to quickly go home and ask my mother permission for him to enter our back yard.

When I arrived home and told Mother about the situation, she promptly looked out our dining room window and sure enough there on our boysenberry vines was this large ball of buzzing bees. 
Our vines were in full bloom, and they probably knew this was a good place to land.

Opening our front door, Mother beckoned to the man to cross the street and gather up his belongings.

Within only a few minutes most of the ball of bees was collected into the box and the remaining bees followed the man home to a new hive that he had waiting,

He must have verbally thanked us, but as far as I know, he never brought us a sample of his honey, and oh how I love honey.

In life there are at times that bee buzzing changes might occur, some welcomed, and others not.  There might be changes in a job, in a marriage, in our health, or in a place to live.

When the excitement settles down and all have come to rest in the new environment, may we experience a calm and peaceful time to put our feet up and relax, for God is in control.

Bee wise, Bee flexible, Bee happy and learn to Bee content in the new hive.

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  1. This is a reminder to bee wise! Change is inevitable and it's stressful. Only knowing the peace of God gives us strength to face change with confidence. Thanks, Hazel.

  2. I loved the words re: "Bee"...

    I've also become a honey-enjoyer... haven't had sugar for about a month. Trying to stay in the "honey" world. Expensive and not always flavorable to my everydayness of life, but important for my health.

    Glad you were a helper then, and a blessing then ... as you are now on an everyday basis of life.


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