Thursday, June 6, 2013

Walking the High Wire

The High Wire
The circus was in town, and my dad took us three kids to see all the exciting action.  The clowns were hilarious and the trained animals so tremendous; but it was the trapeze artists and the tight rope walkers with their breathtaking and daring feats that caused my sister and me to want to be like them.

At times in life, we seem to be walking a tight rope with a thick dark mist hiding the net below and we wonder if there really is a safety net, because we can't see it.

I am amazed that the disciples of Jesus did not believe He had risen from the dead until He actually visibly appeared to them.  “Touch and handle me,” He told them.  They still wondered - - their doubt was larger than their belief.

Jesus even ate bread and fish before them.  Finally they believed and knew it was true, He was alive and risen from the dead.. 

This Jesus was real and true enough to cause them to preach even after they received beatings and warnings of death.  This revelation was true enough to even die for; as many of them did.
Even today many are willing to Live or if needs be to die for their faith because; Jesus has REVEALED himself to them. 

When a person (or even a child) invites Jesus to live in their heart - - something happens to burst that bubble of doubt.  
The word of God mixed with the Holy Spirit causes an experience that cleanses and purifies the old nature and creates a brand new person.

Oh one day we shall see Jesus with our new eyes.  But for now, like Paul we pray, open my eyes of understanding that I might fully KNOW YOU my God and my Savior.

Sharing with Rosilind in Croatia,
at Wednesday R & R

Also Shared with Liz and Gail at T.G.I.F.


  1. Dear Hazel, you have spoken my heart in your post. To know Him more burns in me sometimes...then I get caught up in life and my desire is to just get through life. We are so like those disciples aren't we? Good post my wise hearted friend.

  2. The tight wire... Isn't it so amazing that if we need or our Father needs us to, we can not only walk the tight wire, we can walk on water... Because we are that brand new person... and His power is limitless... He is the POWER!!!

  3. I echo your last paragraph prayer! Thank you for the visual in words and picture (love "The High Wire") that reminds me afresh that "underneath are the Everlasting Arms"! God bless you, Hazek (and thanks for visiting and commenting at To God be the glory!)

  4. I echo your last paragraph prayer! Thank you for your words and picture (love "The High Wire") that remind me afresh "underneath are the Everlasting Arms"! God bless you, Hazel! (and thank you for visiting and leaving such an encouraging comment).

  5. Hazel, there really is a question of a safety net sometimes when I go through a long trial. I'll remember the trapeze artist who can't see it below because of the fog. But it is still there.
    Saw your story-telling link up. That looks quite interesting, Hazel. So much going on.


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