Monday, June 3, 2013

Chasing the Tornado

Chasing the Wind
Have you even watched amazed as a dog will chase his own tail? 

It reminded me of a stair stepper, getting our exercise but never actually going anywhere. 

Wind is different; it does travel and often has some exciting consequences.

Many years ago, we lived in Oklahoma two different times, and often there were tornado warnings.  We were careful to heed the warnings but there were many foolish persons who would chase the Tornado in their cars as they tried to take pictures. 

Most were thrill seekers, and a few were seriously hurt with their foolishness.

Our neighbor told us that just prior to our first move to Oklahoma; a twister had traveled across our back yard, and took down a tree house that the former occupants had built for his children.  The tornado continued down the street removing the roof from one of the homes close by.

As soon as we were settled, we decided to make Sheridan Assembly in Tulsa, our church home.  One Wednesday evening, several members were giving testimonies about the recent tornado.

At that meeting, I remember one lady saying, “It looked like that tornado was heading for our place, so I went out in my yard and shouted to it, ‘Stop and do not come nigh my dwelling,’ and it lifted and went in the other direction.” 

A gentleman spoke up and said, “If Jesus could speak to a fig tree to dry up, then might we also speak to a tornado that is approaching us and tell it to dry up?” 

Jesus did say that we could speak to our mountain and tell it to be cast it into the sea, and perhaps our mountain could be a tornado or anything else that is bothering us.

Some would think this is too weird or strange to act like this, but Jesus did many out of the ordinary things that puzzled others.

Might we not be guilty of chasing the wind and getting no where, but maybe we should learn to shout and speak with a voice of authority to our wind.

Have you been chasing the wind?  Perhaps it is time to speak to it instead.

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  1. A few months ago, we spoke to the wind - from the top to the bottom of our house, around the perimeter, we prayed, prayed for only things of God to come inside, prayed for each of our boys - and the big wind that was headed our way, turned away, too:) But those winds, they still try to come - and you are so right, I still need to speak to those winds - to speak God words to them! Thank you Hazel for your insight!

  2. I love this story! I think I may be thankful! We have no tornadoes. But I know; each region has its own battle. Here the struggle against water.

    I have found today "tell me a story!" Cool!

  3. I believe that if our heart is right and we're in need, our Father most certainly will give the elements control over. I've been guilty of chasing the wind, but more in the way Solomon described it; foolishness. A person can learn a lot from days of folly...

  4. This was a great story, Hazel! Yes, all too often I find myself chasing the wind (for me, that's endless and needless worrying!) I must remind myself of the power of the One who calmed the storm.

    It's my honor to join your Blog Party for the first time!


  5. I have never spoken to the weather. But is it because I simply don't trust in God enough? I did speak to a furnance on one cold night. It wasnt working and by the word spoken boldly, it ended up coming on. Truth!

  6. I could tell you so many miraculous things about the Omaha tornado in May, '74. As I said, could tell you piles of stories of God's protection, our relief. The Omaha tornado was almost exactly a year after I arrived from the NW, and I never would have expected to experience anything like it. The main miracle: out of the thousands and thousands of homes, businesses, schools, etc., that were damaged or destroyed, only 3 people died. It was one big and about a dozen small that came through town. [Yep, could go on forever, yammering again.]

    OH, and also, a friend in south-central NE, about ten years ago, when the tornado was heading to their small town their 6-year old boy stood on their front porch and said, basically, "You are a thunderbird; you go where you belong!" It did. The tornado went, didn't enter that town, and, where it did go no one hurt, nothing was damaged -- the tornado just died. I've known that boy for years, and he still is a spiritually-focused 16-yr old. His mom's sharing this with me, fit right into the reality of that family spirit-heartedness.

    Obviously, you opened my heart, too.

  7. Yes, I've done a lot of figurative wind chasing.
    "Perhaps it is time to speak to it instead."
    Hm. Why didn't I think of that!
    God can do amazing things...


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