Sunday, June 9, 2013

One Day Jesus Came Upon a Funeral

Dead Son Restored to His Mother
I took notes and gleaned from Pastor Jerry’s sermon as he read from Luke 7:11-17.  This was the account of Jesus leaving Capernaum and a large crowd following him to the city of Nain.

Pastor reminded us that when we shop at the grocery store and approach the check out counter there are tabloids with strange stories inviting you to read their entire account.  Most are pure nonsense, and rarely true, yet people are intrigued by the trashy headlines.

If there was a Marketplace newspaper in the early century, the title may have read, “Itinerate Rabi raises young man to life.  Many would probably say, “That is Absurd.”

The Bible story relates that as Jesus and those following him approached Nain, another crowd was coming in the opposite direction.  The people wailed loudly as was the custom and were telling the story of the young man’s death. 
The widowed mother was weeping and following the pall bearers.  This was her only son, and she now had no one to care for her.  No doubt her son’s death was also a death sentence for her as well.

The crowd following Jesus moved aside to allow the funeral procession to pass, and Jesus had compassion upon the poor widow. 
Unthinkable in that day, was to touch a dead body, but Jesus reached out and touched the bier.  Then he touched the dead man and said, “Young man I say unto you arise.”  Amazing to the audience, the boy sat up and spoke.  Then Jesus gave the boy back to his mother alive.

A lot of rumors began to circulate that day about Jesus.  Is he a prophet?  Is he the promised Messiah? How can he do these miracles that are being reported?

Pastor mentioned that there is a difference between Resuscitate and Resurrect.  Jesus had brought back to life a young girl, then Lazarus, and now this boy.  They remained in their own human body and one day they would die again. 
Jesus was Resurrected, and given a new body and he is alive for ever more.  One day we too shall receive a resurrected body when we arrive at heaven’s gates.

Since His baptism Jesus had been very busy; He spent 40 days fasting, he turned water into wine, healed a leper and others, released a demonic man from his chains, yet many were disturbed by this man Jesus. In his home town, a crowd tried to throw him over a cliff, but he disappeared from their midst.
We wonder if we should go around speaking to the physically dead and telling them to arise.  

No, probably not unless you are definitely led by the Holy Spirit. 

However there are many spiritually dead all around us and they need to hear the message that in Jesus there is everlasting life available, if they will receive Him. 

Let us proclaim the Good News while it is yet day - - for the night cometh when no man can work.

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  1. To have a son restored to you, spiritually or physically, is the answer to heartfelt prayer and grief of a mother. There could be no greater gift than actually residing with Jesus in heaven.
    Thank you, Hazel, for this heart-tugging post.

  2. Jesus gives life. Then, now and someday in our resurrection. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. The acts of Christ changed the world forever. Even today the lost world just like the Pharisees are trying to rebuke and refute the Word and acts of God himself... but the One who sustains life on this planet can't be denied! Yes, let us proclaim His truth! Thanks for the inspiring post, Hazel.

  4. Dear Hazel
    Our Lord Jesus has such fondness of and compassion for the widows and the orphans as well as all those who really knows how weak and lost they really are!
    Much love XX


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