Saturday, June 29, 2013

Why Did He Quit His Good Job?

I Quit
I had misjudged the man.  I had only heard part of the story. 

Of course he and his boss had words, and my friend ended up quitting his good job.

My thoughts were that my friend had a quick bad temper, and I figured he was foolish to give up a good job.  This was only one side of the story.

What I did not know was that our friend had vouched for his cousin and got him hired where he worked. 

All went well until his cousin decided to help himself to some money that he thought no one would notice.

Our friend was called on the carpet and blamed for recommending a thief to work in their establishment. 
Harsh words were exchanged, and our friend decided that it would be too embarrassing for him to stay on this job after what his cousin had done.  So he quit.

As time went by our friend got a better job that ended up in a lucrative career for him and his wife.  His cousin last we heard was still running from the law.

Isn’t it amazing when we only hear one side of a story we make our conclusions. 

That did teach me a lesson in judging, but sorry to say I have no doubt repeated being critical many times without knowing the whole story.

When it comes to serving God, and we try to outsmart Him with our excuses, - - He can see right through us and our pompous attitude and sad story he doesn’t even want to hear.

With God, there is only one side of the situation and his word is always, “humble your self, repent and walk in love toward others. 

About now we may need to give someone the benefit of the doubt.



  1. So true. It's odd that I expect others to give me the benefit of the doubt yet I can be so slow to grant that to others.

  2. I too have been quick to jump to conclusions. It's easy to let the cynical side of us take over, but your point is well taken; it's about us walking in humility and seeking to understand first... not judging as though we were our Father.

  3. 2 Chron 7:14 comes to mind as I read this.

    We all mess up, that's no surprise to God, let's just take it to God- He already knows everything that happened and He loves us anyway!!


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