Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Grandma’s Poor Preacher

 Elderly Couple
These days we have so many search options to learn about people and ministries, but this story happened many long years ago when there was no such thing as the internet.

My grandparents were honest hard workers, and you might say “Old School.”  They were faithful to their church in giving and in attendance. 

Now, my Grandmother had a favorite daily radio program that she enjoyed listening to.  He was a fiery preacher who she said preached excellent sermons. 

Almost weeping, he would share how he had pressing needs and was short of money and requested all listeners to send a regular offering to help him out.

With a tender heart my Grandmother did as he asked and faithfully sent him a bit from their meager earnings.  

One day, Grandfather told her that they were going to take a short vacation and would drop by the preacher’s home and personally thank him for his radio broadcast.

Grandmother was not a person to get excited, but she was very happy to make this journey.  The preacher lived just one state over, so they could easily make the trip in just one day.

The sun was brightly shining and the weather became very warm when they arrived at the enormous home where the preacher lived.

A maid met them at the door and escorted them out to the patio where the preacher was lounging in a recliner chair near his swimming pool.  He had just finished his swim and quickly put on his robe that was on a near by table.

My sweet grandparents hastily told him that they were listeners of his radio program and enjoyed his sermons, and then they excused themselves - - and fled.

On the way home, Grandpa never said a word, and Grandma was quietly contemplating.

By now you are also thinking, and probably have guessed the outcome of my story.

Yes, Grandmother turned the dial, found another broadcast to enjoy and never again sent the “Poor Preacher” another dime.

Please do not get me wrong, because if God puts on your heart to give to a radio or TV ministry - - obey God and then do some internet research !



  1. I enjoyed reading this. Great story!

  2. Yes, the minister should be a good example. Sadly, many are using God's words to gain money for themselves:(

  3. Awesome story Hazel! I'm sure God rewarded your grandmother for her giving heart, and I'm so glad He allowed her to then see the truth of the wolf-in-sheep's-clothing. So glad we have means today to check out most people before handing over money, or whatever, our Lord has entrusted to us.

  4. I knew where you were going with that from the get go... sad, because it's human nature for people to use God as a tool to get ahead in life. People like your grandparents had so much more than could be counted by a number and ever taken away from them... the true treasures they had they took with them...


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