Saturday, October 12, 2013

Have You Seen Jesus Lately?

Jesus impression
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In the early 1980’s, our friends from Bible School had moved from Georgia to California and were called to a small but growing church in Hayward. 

They invited Robert and me to help them by preaching from time to time.

On one occasion, I was to be the guest speaker, so I invited all the workmen from our roofing company and our family members to attend the morning service. 
Here they came, bringing with them, girl friends and different family members.

The sermon was going nicely, and as I spoke, I mentioned that Jesus was a Personal Savior and a nearby friend.  “He is so close that we can at any time just look over our shoulder and talk to Jesus.” 
As I said those words, I turned to my left and said, “Hello Jesus,” and continued my sermon.

Now, I did not see anything or hear anything out of the ordinary, but an amazing thing happened at the end of the service. 

My cousin came and told me that when I said Hello Jesus, that his girl friend’s eyes were opened and she saw Jesus standing right there next to me.

Perhaps she did see Jesus, and He was allowing her to know that he loved her.  Other than that I have no explanation for what she saw or thought she saw.

I am reminded of another meeting that my mother and I attended in Phoenix Arizona.  It was a week end seminar with Joyce Meyer held at an Assembly of God church

A woman whose husband had a business meeting in Phoenix had allowed her to come with him so she could attend the special services.  He agreed to attend one of the evening services with her.

After the music ministry was over, Joyce came on stage wearing a white pants suit with sparkling sequence decorations on it.

The gentleman told his wife, “That is impressive that all those tall young men also dressed in white sparkling clothes, carrying shining swords, followed her out from the wings and stood behind her during the sermon.”

The man’s wife did not see any young men and knew that her husband was viewing angels as a sign to him and to her. 

After the service she reported her husband’s vision to David Meyer, Joyce’s husband and Joyce shared it at the next meeting.  All were glorifying God.

I would like things like this to happen more often, but I am certain that regardless if we actually see Jesus or angels with our physical eyes, - - they are there.
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Anonymous said...

Awesome awesome Vicki K

Joy said...

What a witness! Yes, Jesus is with us all the time. Good to be reminded:)

Floyd said...

Angel unaware. How cool! I know for sure although I've never seen an angel they were the hand of God on many occasions and spared me from being taken home sooner... I guess my work isn't done down here just yet.

Terra said...

What wonderful events these were, you saying hi to Jesus and the girl seeing him, and the gentleman seeing the angels.
I came over from Crystal Mary's blog.

BARBIE said...

Thank you for sharing this amazing story. And Yes, whether we see Him or not, I know He's so close to us at all times!

Sharon said...

How inspiring! Jesus is there, all the time - and He is ever ready to be our Friend!