Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Eyes Have it.

Sunglasses for out doors
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Update on my second cataract surgery.  We went to Roseville on Friday for my one week after surgery check up, and my eye is taking longer to heal, so my Surgeon cancelled my exam next week for new glasses.

He wants to see me in three weeks to give more time for healing, and at that time he plans to remove the stitch that is in my left eye.   Meanwhile, I continue the eye drops as prescribed and each day there is minor improvement.

I am not in pain, and I can see distance, but I can't read a book, magazine or my Bible. This should change as my eye continues to heal.

I can read on my computer and so I read my Bible on line, at  e-sword.net. where is offered a free Bible download with several versions to select from.

Bible Gateway site also has an audio version of the Bible and I used it for a couple days following my surgery when I couldn’t even see my computer.

I am thankful for all the advantages of modern medicine and technology.  We are blessed to live in this time on earth.

Yesterday in the mail I received a nice get well card from the nurses at the surgery with greetings of thank you from those who received my Rescue the Stories Book one.

I am able to drive and enjoyed church on Sunday.  One of our dear ladies, asked me when is book three coming?  She said “I must have it.”

I am doing a final edit of book three and am finding a few punctuation errors, and am also giving a softer touch to some of the stories.  Jesus must be seen in my books and that is my goal.

May our eyes continually be on Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith.


  1. You have such a wonderful attitude. That is a gift from our Father, to see Him and all the blessings even in difficult times. You're a great example, Hazel. Thanks, sister.

  2. Nice to hear that you are getting better:)
    Good luck with your book:)

  3. Yes, me too, I must have book three! Vicki K


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