Sunday, October 20, 2013

Power of Ceaseless Prayer

Power of Prayer
Gleaning from today’s Sermon as Pastor Jerry read from Luke 18:1-8 about the widow who came to the Unjust Judge requesting help from him. 

At first he did not honor her request, but she kept coming until he was weary and finally agreed to grant her appeal lest she continue to bother him.

Understand that if an unjust Judge would give aid unto a person, how much more would a JUST God give to his children.

In this case persistence paid off for the lady.  Jesus urged us NOT to faint but to pray without ceasing.

Pastor gave an illustration about a church group who built a church and it was destroyed by fire.  They rebuilt the church and it was destroyed this time by the wind.  Seven times the church was destroyed, and each time the people built it again. 
It was the building that was destroyed, NOT the church and the members were persistent to keep the church alive.  This time they renamed the church, “The church of Living Water.”  Perhaps it needed a name change - - however the church still stands.

Questions arise as to why the wait is so long for many of our prayers. Waiting is the difficult part in prayer.  During the waiting process, often we are changed and God is working on us as individuals to be drawn closer to Him.

In the case of prayers for our health, we would prefer to be healed and quickly regain our strength.  We wonder why God seems to allow suffering in this world. 

We realize that until Jesus returns this world is under the Curse and death will be the last enemy destroyed.

To receive answers to some prayers, it is necessary for us to discover within our inner resources the gumption, and courage to step out, and to use our common sense.

God is a Good Heavenly father and he desires that our needs be supplied.  If we are not able to work, God often provides by using individuals, churches, Religious groups and government agencies.

May we Continue to follow the Scriptural pattern to Ask, Seek and Knock until the answer comes. 

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  1. Thank you for this reminder to pray persistently. I hope you enjoy a blessed day!

  2. Ask, seek, and knock...and he will answer; we just can't always predict how. Love your examples that he may answer through other people, groups, etc. We need to stay open. Thanks for sharing!

  3. It's so easy to give up when we don't see results right away. I find myself needing the reminder that God's timing is perfect. He hears my prayers and knows my needs and he will answer perfectly.

  4. Never get tired of being reminded to pray. I sense the battle against praying every time I bow my heart before Him.

  5. God is teaching me how valuable waiting is. He loves me enough not to just change circumstances but to change me. Thank you for sharing it. Much needed reminder.

  6. Good call, we are the church. In the most difficult of circumstances I've found the most wisdom and hand of our Father in hindsight. We press on... I'm with you, sister.


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