Thursday, October 17, 2013

Finding a Way to Meet my Pledge

Image courtesy free clip art

As children growing up, my siblings and I did not receive an allowance, but we were always trying to figure out a way to earn money for things we wanted or needed.

At our annual Missionary Convention, I had made another Missionary Pledge, and I needed to earn $5.00 somehow.

Thumbing through one of our magazines, I discovered an advertisement to sell Christmas Cards.  The company would send a free sample folder so customers could order cards with their names imprinted.

My mother encouraged me to give it a try, so we sent for the folder.  The cards were lovely and to have your name engraved inside was such a bargain.

Our neighbors were very supportive, and they were happy to help me by ordering a box of cards.
The man across the street placed a large order as he planned to send his clients a greeting at Christmas.

Even my mother thought the cards were nice, and she agreed that she needed only to address the envelope.   Knowing mother, she would also write a short something inside each card.

My customers were pleased, and I was able to meet my Missionary pledge and enjoy a nice profit too. 

The next year I added some box assortments to my line including Boxes of Everyday and Birthday greetings as well as Christmas cards.  Taking an armful of boxes to church, many of the members were happy to purchase a box of cards from me.

I am not the best sales person, but because the cards were beautiful and the price was right, it did not take a lot of convincing

When I think of Jesus and his gift to us, the price is right, and the profits are amazing.



  1. I'd say you're one of the best sales people I know! You sell the things you know are true and good everyday. I'm buying, sister.

  2. Hello Hazel,

    I never thought about sharing Jesus like this. He is really valuable and the right price. ~smile~

    You commented over at Encourage 24/7 on my post, Verdict Changed. Here was my reply to you:

    Dear Hazel,
    I want His Presence, too, in my church, in my home and in my heart. Thank you for "talking back". Please visit me at my blog, Harvest Lane Cottage.

  3. *smile* Thinking of teaching as selling beautiful cards for people to use is nice, the teacher being a child. Have a nice week!


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