Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Joyful Jump

Jump for Joy
We had arrived early the summer of 1976 prior to beginning our Bible School Training.  There was a lot happening in Tulsa Oklahoma, and we decided to take advantage of special meetings through out the area.

An advertised meeting and the name, “W.V. Grant,” was recognized from books and News letters, caught our eye and there was to be prayer for the sick along with good Biblical teaching.

A short thin man led the singing and then he announced that Rev Grant had missed his plane but we would go ahead and enjoy the service and the Rev would miss out.

That was a good way of putting it.

During the song service, the leader suggested that we should jump for joy and dance if that suited us.  Dancing did not, but he led us in a joyful jump instead.

I have seen little children leap and jump for joy over just being so very happy, but this was a first for us.  We looked at each other and made a choice - - Why not? 

So we entered in and with a rhythm to the beat we happily jumped for joy as unto the Lord.

My knees will not allow me to do much jumping these days, but I can sway and step from one foot to the other in praise and worship to the Lord. 

Miriam danced before the Lord and others joined in with her.

King David danced wildly before the Lord and embarrassed his wife.

I do hope this does not embarrass you, but the Bible says to Clap your hands all ye people, shout, sing and worship the Lord.

Our body does want to participate where there is the sound of good worship music and a gentle jump for joy will do us all good.

Praise the Lord for He is worthy to be praised.

  This story is Shared with Ramona at:  Friendship Friday with Joy


  1. If God is calling us to dance, it's time to dance. I heard a sermon years ago about a preacher that the Lord was calling to dance and the man kept hearing the nagging question in his mind, "Will you dance for Me?" Eventually he gave in to the word of God and did. It's a matter of the heart... the extremities are just the manifestation and that looks a little different for all of us. Everything He makes has rhythm...

  2. "Jump for Jesus!" Love, Vicki K

  3. Yes, I would love to dance for the Lord:)

  4. Jumping for joy...literally. I love that, Hazel. Thanks...


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