Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Aunt Edna

Happy Birthday Aunt Edna
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A minor traffic accident caused my mother to decide to give up driving at age 90 and sell her car. 

Friends from her church would take her to church, and on Friday’s I would take her grocery shopping.  

The senior bus would take her back and forth to her weekly appointment at the hair dresser. 

When Mother was still driving, she would make the 450 mile trip once a year to see her sister Edna on her sister’s birthday. 

I told her I would take her on a week end, and we would celebrate and stay and attend church with Edna.   We took Edna to Tulare to buy new shoes, a church outfit and have lunch at the Home Town Buffet.  

On one of our trips, my daughter Becky drove from Southern California to also visit and that year we enjoyed watching the Lindsay Orange blossom Parade.

Edna was three years younger than my mother, and as she was slowing down, her children helped her sell her house, and move to Washington to live with her oldest son and his wife. 

Mother too was quickly showing her age, so she moved in with me and my husband.  

October came and again it was Edna’s birthday. 

This time I secured plane tickets for Mother and me and made reservations at a near by hotel in Washington for us to stay while we visited.  Mother seemed to remember the area as years ago she and my dad had made a trip there. 

Edna was so happy to see us and we played scrabble and enjoyed our Birthday visit.

On the way home my husband and son in law, Dennis picked us up at the airport and we were both very tired. 

Mother called out, “We are going the wrong way, please turn this car around.”

I assured her that Dennis was a good driver and we were going the correct way home.

When we arrived home, my mother did not recognize our place where she had been living for two years. 

I told her in the morning it will be alright, so I helped her into bed and sure enough by morning she was okay.

Mother went home to be with Jesus shortly after her 100th birthday. 

A few days ago, her Sister Edna age 99, joined her in heaven.  Edna would have been 100 this October 23, and both sisters had a long and fruitful life.

My daughter Judie, said, “By now Aunt Edna and Grandma Ruth are dancing and rejoicing in heaven.”

I am sure Jesus will plan a lovely Birthday celebration for Edna and all those who have gone before can also join in to wish her a Happy 100th Birthday.

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  1. "How lovely...thank you for sharing Hazel. Always love your stories of life" Vicki Kopp

  2. What a sweet story of your mother and Edna. They lived long enough to enjoy life on earth, but now enjoying forever in heaven:)

  3. Happy birthday indeed. Your aunt shares the day she was born physically on this earth with my dad... A Happy Day was had by all. I guess we'll hear about it one day. Good reminder and story, Hazel.


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