Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Johnny DeLong

Johnny Loved to Sing About Jesus and His Plan of Salvation
This happened in the early 1960’s and as a young mother; I wanted to be a witness for Jesus Christ.  I was shy, but an investment in a sample packet from Chick Publications sounded a simple way to begin.  (Click on the title above Chick Publications to go to their sample offer packets available for sale.

Chick Publications offers a variety of Christian comic book tracts that end with a prayer for salvation. 

These Chick tracts are usually read because of their picture book portrayal when other tracks are cast aside.

Where to start?  I decided to be bold and begin at the gas station where I always purchased my gas. 

In those days, the attendant came to your window and asked how much gas you wanted and then filled your tank.  Also he would clean the windows before collecting your payment.

“Here is a comic book telling about Jesus,” I said to the attendant, as I handed him my cash along with one of the Chick Booklets.

Each week I would give him a different booklet, until one day he asked me where my church was located. 

I told him it is only two city blocks from here and service begins at 10:45 Sunday morning.

His name was Johnny DeLong and sure enough on Sunday both he and his wife were there on time. 

That Sunday, when the Pastor gave an invitation to receive Jesus, these dear sinners were turned into saints as they went forward and soon after became members of our church.

Johnny brought his guitar to church and loved to sing special numbers about Jesus and the plan of Salvation.

One Sunday evening, Pastor was asking if anyone needed healing as he held a small bottle of olive oil.

Johnny raised his hand, and said, “I need healing from cigarettes.” 

Now this type of request was new to me, and it was to our Pastor, but he never lost a beat as he marched down the aisle toward Johnnie.

All eyes were on Johnny as Pastor said, “Stick out your tongue.” 

With a quick swipe, Pastor anointed Johnnie’s tongue with oil and said, “Be Healed in Jesus Name.”

As Johnny told it afterwards, all desire for cigarettes left him and he never smoked again.

Sometime later an interesting thing happened when a lady who had been attending our church died.  She always brought her niece Mary Jo, who was mentally challenged to church.
Verbally the woman had made it known that she had provided for her niece in the case of her death.  The dead woman’s son did not find this stated in the will, and was planning to evict Mary Jo from his mothers house.

The next Sunday, Pastor spoke to the congregation and said, "This woman needs a home and we need to place her now." 

Who do you suppose volunteered to take this woman and care for her?

Yes, it was Johnny and his dear wife.  Mary Jo lived with them for many years until she passed away and went to heaven.

You just do not know how far a little comic tract will go to change people’s lives and affect the lives of many others as well.

Might you like to order a package of  Chick Publications samples and see how far you can make your witness go? (click on the title Chick Publication above)



Anonymous said...

I believe I remember Johnny. He sang from the heart with tears rolling down his face. I remember him singing I saw the Light. I loved to hear him sing and play his guitar. I agree you never know what a tract may mean to someone. Judy

Joy said...

That is so wonderful how God worked through your faithfulness. And thanks to them who made those tracts.

Ifeoma Samuel said...

OH MY! you really mean the comics led him to Christ?
I am blessed reading your real testimonies in your stories.
Thank you so much Hazel

Flowergirl.55 said...

I remember these tracts. I always thought they were pretty cool. Great testimony!

Unknown said...

Awesome story! What a legacy your life has been in pointing to the loving hand of our Father. Well done, sister.

I used to love those old comics!!! I was just thinking about them last week. I'd love to get my hands some of those old tracts.

Lux G. said...

I'm not familiar with this but thanks for sharing and making me aware. :)

caryjo said...

It was a real treat to read this. The sinfulness in my life, especially when I was 18-20, the Lord and the pastor and others broke into my life. Life turned around. That was 49 years ago. I'm blessed, b/c I'd have died many years ago from sinfulness and personal suicidal activity. This story was very good. Thank you for sharing. I truly understood much of it.