Monday, September 24, 2012

Current Events and Small World vs. Large World

Prior to World War II, my world was pretty small.  “Current Events,” at our grammar school consisted of  our “Weekly Reader” that gave us a peek into new inventions, the World’s Fair on Treasure Island, and our beautiful Bay bridge - -that the powers that be had promised that they would remove the toll charge as soon as the bridge was paid for. 

When World War II happened, my world became a bit larger.  Each week at our school assembly, we were shown propaganda films about the war that was supposed to enlarge our patriotism.  It did that and at recess we would sing songs about Hitler and in his face.  The songs must have been on the radio, because we did not learn them except on the play ground.

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The war was over and time went by and in the eighth grade, our teacher requested that we bring a blank scrap book to class and collect current events from the Newspaper.  The most exciting event was that of Israel being declared a nation.  My mother helped me collect the articles from our local paper.

More time went by – in fact a lot of time, and wanting to re-enter the work force, at age 60, I took a Health Class, and our teacher asked us to bring in articles from our newspaper dealing with anything about health.  It was amazing that what was not visible at first became our object to collect and bring to class.

Remembering back in high school, our government teacher urged us NOT to give away our right to vote.  Read carefully the propositions and do not allow appointments to be made because that is out of the control of the people she said.  Government is by the people and for the people !!

As time went by and voters became more and more lazy and not involved, appointments were made and today many corrupt leaders have overruled the will of the people.  Propositions have been voted into law by the people, and “one” judge or President can decide to void the entire law and make a different one that is opposite of what the people voted on and won.

All around us is enough corruption to cause us to not read the head lines or the news page on our computer or watch the news on TV.  Yet, please do NOT give up.  I am reminded that God is still on His throne.

As Christians, we need to pray that our leaders will have wisdom to make wise choices and it behooves us to also be wise as we go to the polls to vote.

We may not get on a soap box, but we can let our voice be known by our vote and hope that it will matter.  My husband writes letters to the Editor and they get published !!

One of the men at our church was ranting, raving and actually red in the face from his anger at politicians.  I suggested that he stop reading the newspaper and see if that helps,

It seemed that his world was too large.

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Visits With Mary said...

As a child of God I will never give up! I know the ending and some day everything is going to be alright!

Sr Crystal Mary said...

I agree, that man should stop reading the newspaper. I also believe that whoever is the ruler of a country has been put there by God.He, and only He, knows the bigger plan. Blessings to you.

Floyd said...

The world has changed so much. You are one of the few people I know that were there. I so appreciate your wisdom and friendship. When you write, I listen carefully and anxiously. Thanks for sharing, my sister.

Floyd said...

Not sure if my last comment went through? I just want you to know how much I appreciate your wisdom and friendship, I read with respect and honor. Thank you for sharing, my sister.

EvieJo said...

Good word, Mrs. Hazel. Very thought provoking in a lot of different issues. My grandfather passed away at age 84 about 14 years ago and I loved listening to his stories. No one ever wrote them down. Something for me to consider.
And weekly Readers. They were one of the highlights of my school week in the 1960's. I guess you were my first introduction to a magazine. Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

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caryjo said...

I can't even begin to listen to the debates, get disgusted with many of the ads, frustrated listening to the news reports that are so one-sided. I know who I'll vote for, and why. When I was MUCH younger, I actually thought I would be involved in political and cultural issues. Civil Rights in the late'50s, early '60s was definitely part of my life. Other than that, it has gone away. Lord first is all that I can focus on. The rest comes and goes.