Monday, September 3, 2012

God’s Wedding Plans are Best


It was just a simple white gown with daisy’s decorating the neckline and waist.  Although they had been dating for several months, my daughter purchased this lovely dress in anticipation of a soon expected proposal. 
It didn’t happen.  One day she spoke harshly to him while he was busy working on her car, and when he finished what he was doing he left. 

I would say the Lord told me, but you might not believe that, so I will say, I had a thought that he would not be back.  I kept quiet  He did not call or return messages, and one day my daughter and I saw him and another girl pushing a baby in a stroller.  Well I never!!

Then there was a guy named Dennis who seemed interested in my daughter, but honestly he was bad news.  Finally she down and out told him that she wanted to get married, and he hemmed and hawed and said, “So you want to get married, that is nice.”

God had better plans for my daughter but she was reaching toward thirty and was beginning to wonder where God was.  She had prayed, believed and waited for a stable Christian husband, where was he?

Although she was of age, she was polite to let me know most of the time where she would be when she went out.   “Tonight I won’t be home for dinner, because I am having dinner over at my friend Judy’s apartment,” my daughter informed me. 

As it turned out, my daughter’s friend Judy had a girl friend, Bev, that she had gone to high school with, who was also invited to dinner.  Bev brought along with her a handsome gentleman renter also named Dennis who occupied her rear cottage.  Bev and Judy had been talking that they each had a friend who they would love to see meet a nice person and they set up this dinner.  Everyone was in agreement to have this meeting.

When Dennis saw my daughter, he asked, “What is wrong with her that she has never married because she is gorgeous?”  The answer was simple; my daughter did not want to settle for less.  Dennis had a good job, believed in God, and was two years older than she.

The next morning when my daughter told me she had met a nice gentleman named Dennis, I said, “Oh another Dennis!”  Her reply was:  “There is NO other Dennis.”

Soon she brought Dennis home to introduce him to us, and we liked him at once. 

I took my daughter aside and suggested that she change her message on her answering machine, and to ask Dennis to leave the message.  He was happy to do this, so her new message with his voice said; “Becky and I are not able to come to the phone right now, but at the tone please leave a message and your number.” 
Later there were some rings on her phone then hang ups - - - The “other Dennis” got the message.

A few months later my daughter and I went shopping for a beautiful wedding dress and soon followed a celebration at a lovely local church with a buffet at the Holiday Inn.

Waiting is not always easy, but even if it takes time - - it pays to be in God’s plan.

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Floyd said...

Sometimes it takes the wisdom of an elder or parent... Nice jon Mom! I do love a happy ending, and if I know you... it's a happy ending!

Wendy @ E-1-A said...

Enjoyed reading this story Hazel! Waiting upon God's timing brings God's blessing and this is an great example of such.

caryjo said...

Yes. When we are patient and determined to be with only the ones God has placed in our lives, miracles can happen. And they can go forward forever. A blessing.

Jennifer @ said...

I think of all the times in the Bible (and in my life story) where I've been impatient, not wanting to wait for God to fulfill his promises. I have wanted to "help God out." The story of Hagar comes to mind.

So glad that your daughter experienced the fruit of obedience ... of waiting for God to act in His own time.