Saturday, September 29, 2012


I suppose the scallywag mischievous child was still somewhere deep inside, because as kids, my brother and I loved to play jokes, as long as they did not harm anyone.   

While on a shopping trip down town, I noticed a magic shop with some tricks to play on others.  In the window I spied some fake vomit and decided that there should be lots of fun with this gadget. 

The adult class at Sunday school was having a barbecue at our place and the setting was right because everyone had brought their small children.

Positioning the fake vomit on the kitchen floor, and handing a paper towel to one of the Dads, I asked him to please clean up what his small toddler had done.  Instead he hollered for his wife to please come and hurry as there was an emergency in the kitchen.  She came running.

Once the dad realized that he had been tricked, he joined in with the laughter.

The fun item was soon put away, and the barbecue was a big success.  Years later our boys discovered the fake gadget and had some of their own fun with it. 

In the Bible there are several instances where people disguised themselves hoping to trick and deceive the prophet and receive a good word from him.  Amazingly enough, the prophet was always shown by God who the person was even before they arrived.

There is no hiding or playing tricks on God.  He is the all knowing one and even our thoughts go before him.

Our Father God also knows the real from the fake, and our lives must always ring true.

God does not play tricks on us, and he offers us His True Gift of Salvation

John 17:3  And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.


Floyd said...

I love to tease and have that type of fun too. God is the all omnipotent One who not a soul that He created can pull anything over on Him, not even in our heart!

caryjo said...

Well, I'm glad the barbeque went OK, but YUK!! If the wrong people had seen it, they might have blamed it on the food and no one would have eaten. You would have made quite a difference to the success of the day.

Made me chuckle.