Friday, September 14, 2012

Tired but Not Worn Out

So Tired

My week started out not so good. 
Sunday I was to be one of the hostesses during church fellowship time, and I had loaded my van with my Easy Pound cake  and a box mix of brownies.  (Click HERE to view the great Pound Cake recipe.)

Realizing that I had not donned my jacket that went with my outfit, I  RAN  back to the house to retrieve it.  Not normal for me, but I was huffing and puffing, and all the way to church my heart was hammering loudly.

Arriving at church I managed to carry in my goods and set them on the counter, but then I felt myself going faint.  Struggling to reach a chair at one of the tables, I put my head down to catch my breath but my heart continued to pound.

One of our sweet ladies asked if she could get me something and I asked for some water.  The water seemed to do the trick, and after resting awhile, I seemed fine. I told them I was out of breath, but was now caught up.   
Church began, and at the end, I was able to pour coffee and be of assistance to our members.

My afternoon did not end then.  Our bank is located in a grocery store and is open on Sundays, so I planned to take my sister with her PG & E bill and complete this still waiting transaction.

A few days prior I had begun arrangements for the distribution of my deceased mother’s estate.  Mother has a five year CD paying 5% and not maturing until May of next year that was to be divided between her three children.  My husband was insisting that I take care of this now instead of waiting until next May.  The bank is happy to waive the early closing penalty fee.

My brother had already been contacted by me and papers to be notarized sent and returned.

The bank knows me, as I have an account there, but they wanted a photo ID from my sister.  I told them she did not have a photo ID so they asked for a Pacific Gas and Electric bill with her name on it to prove who she was.   

I drove to my sister’s place and together we went to the bank.  My sister was not able to show any ID as she said she had been attacked a few days earlier and her purse was stolen along with her Passport, Medicare card and money.

The banker suggested that I take my sister to the DMV tomorrow to secure a senior ID so they could proceed to close mothers account. 

The next day Monday, I got up early for me - -  and returned to take my sister to the DMV.  She asked if we could stop at the Post Office so she could return several packages that book clubs were sending her.  Sure I told her, “Yes happy to help,” as she does not drive and walks most places. 
First we stopped at the DMV and took a number.  It was 58 and they were helping number seven.  It seemed that a two or three hour wait was inevitable.   I suggested that we leave, go to the PO and return after that back to the DMV. 

At the Post office we placed the parcels on the counter and stepped in line.  When it was our turn, my sister showed the clerk a slip to pick up mail.  The employee said there is a lost key and you will need to pay $50 to replace it.  My sister opened her purse and set down the money for the key.  “May I see some ID?” the lady asked. 

What happened next amazed me as my sister pulled a wallet out of her purse and as she opened it there was a DMV senior photo ID that was still good.

In shock, I said, "Well we don’t need to return to the DMV - - so back to the bank."

Explaining to the bank the new revealed identification, I suggested that we proceed.   One look at my brothers papers and I was told one of the papers still needed to be notarized and I would need to contact my brother again. 

The banker suggested that we could go ahead and open a checking account for my sister using one dollar so that her Social Security would be direct deposited.  This way she could use a debit card and not carry so much cash to tempt others to steal her purse.  It so happened that the Bank had a computer record on my sister with her Social Security number from years ago so we did proceed to open a checking account for her.
wendy's courtesy
It was past noon by now, so next I took her to Wendy’s for lunch, and then to the Social Security Office to notify them of her lost card.  Our wait was about an hour there, and I was getting tired.  That much was taken care of for now so new cards would be coming in the mail, so we left.

My sister had been bitten by a dog during the attack to steal her purse, and the bite was still red and she wanted to stop at the clinic for some anti-biotics, so I complied.  There we waited two more hours and finally she received a prescription and a bandage. 

By then I was too tired to take her anywhere except back to her place.

The next day (Tuesday), I had two mystery shops that I had promised to do early in the day, so my Tuesday was also a tiring day. 
On Wednesday, I played catch up and stayed in bed until noon - - -
However I am still tired, but not worn out!  My strength cometh from the Lord!

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joy said...

you are such a busy woman. And you are really doing a good work. But hope you take care more of yourself. Have a blessed resting day to you!

Floyd said...

the whole thing sounds frustrating. You might get your heart checked too Hazel. Feeling faint is sign you shouldn't ignore. I'm not trying to be nosy, but I care... so... I'm praying for you and your sister.

a joyful noise said...

I am going to take my own advice that I would give to someone else and begin to take my vitamins that are good for the heart etc.

Ann Kroeker said...

What a story! My goodness, Hazel, all those lines and running around--sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively.

However, I will have to chime in with Floyd here that you must not ignore those signs from your little jog to and from the house for the jacket. It sounds like a similar story I heard from a friend who had a heart attack. I'd tell that story to my doctor and see what he/she would recommend next...women often ignore signs of heart problems instead of seeking medical advice.

Laurie Collett said...

What a day, Hazel! I agree with the other commenters -- please get your heart checked! God may be trying to tell you something. Love to you,

Aritha said...

Oh, what a heavy days. I understand that you're tired! I think a bit about you. Helps that? Kind regards from Holland and I hope this week is better. With more moments of relaxation