Friday, July 1, 2011

Easy Pound Cake

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With Strawberries in season, I bake my vanilla pound cake instead of using the store bought small cake cups. It is simple and easy to make and the taste is so good !!

This recipe was discovered on a box of Betty Crocker Cake mix, but I haven’t seen it again and it has been years, so I am glad I saved it from the box.

You can use any flavor cake mix to make this delicious and effortless pound cake. It does not crumble like cake usually does, and I have even served it as a breakfast treat.

When I take one of these cakes to a church fellowship, it always goes before the store bought goodies, I am happy to share this secret recipe. (It must be a secret because Betty Crocker doesn’t print it anymore.)

We love the chocolate version and you can add chocolate chips to it if you like.

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I often bake a chocolate and a white cake each in their separate pans. I have cut them both in half and have taken the two versions to my church fellowship on one cake plate. The other halves went into the freezer for another time.

One lady asked me, “How did you keep the vanilla and the chocolate separate while you baked them?

I laughed and told her my secret is to bake two different cakes and cut them in half. I think I embarrassed her, but she didn’t seem to mind.

Here is my uncomplicated recipe: Enjoy

Pound Cake (Any Flavor)

1 package Super Moist Betty Crocker Cake Mix
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup vegetable oil
4 eggs
1 cup mayonnaise (or optional, instead use 1 cup sour cream)

Grease or oil a 12 cup bunt or angel food pan and heat oven to 350 degrees.
Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix gently for 30 seconds. Then beat for two minutes. Pour into your pan and bake 50 to 55 minutes or until cake springs back at the touch.

Cool and invert on a wire rack or on a cake plate. (I usually turn it upside down on a plate the minute I remove it from the oven.)

I do not frost this cake, but you could if you prefer it dressed up a bit.

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  1. Another clever solution--I didn't know you could make a regular cake mix turn out like a pound cake! Thank you for sharing this little secret, because I LOVE pound cake, but rarely make it. Looks delicious--a great Fourth of July weekend dessert topped with those strawberries. Enjoy!


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