Tuesday, July 5, 2011

NOT Good Enough!!

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“No man (or woman) is good enough for my daughter (or my son).” Most parents think those thoughts when their child brings home someone they plan to marry.  Dad's and also Mother’s are like that !!

When two young adults are in love, they are usually not willing to receive unwanted advice from their parents. 

Loving parents by adding their heartfelt objections and opinions, can create a rift - - a mile wide that may be difficult to cross later. 

Once counsel given, it is time to leave it alone, and from this time forward - - to love and support them.

Pray that their spiritual ears will be opened to hear God’s voice. They are probably not ready to hear their parent's voices!!

The best solution is to PRAY that Saul will turn into PAUL soon and very soon. Only God can change your child’s beloved, you certainly cannot modify or transform him.

Many young people today are determined to find a mate even if it means lowering their standards.

Convictions once honored are pushed aside by the worldly influences. They are not able to see beyond today, and they may be in for some butting heads later on in days of the future.

So what are parents to do? If you have given your children a solid foundation as they grew up, and they have made their personal decision to follow Jesus - - Now you must allow them freedom to make their choices and also their own mistakes.  It may be difficult but youth need their parents to support them in their happiness and in their pain.

I can remember when one of my friend’s sons telephoned her to let her know that his girl friend was pregnant. This was NOT the time for her to rant and rave! So she simply said, “Well congratulations.” And to his girlfriend who was also on the line - - she said, “How are you feeling, dear?”

Turned out that in a few weeks, the girl friend miscarried, and the boy took that as a clue to break up with her.  He did not like that trapped feeling and accepted this as a sign to escape.

Are you in a situation that you feel you cannot back out of, and really do not want out?

Read the Bible for yourself and let Jesus be your guide and NOT the propositions of others.

Let’s trust that you as a couple will pray together and communicate how you really feel about certain lifestyle practices. Then be open to allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide, and allow your decisions to be Bible Based on what God has said.

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  1. It is so true that we can not be our children's Holy Spirit. They must make their own path but so thankful Jesus is there- always there- and even able to redeem the mistakes.


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