Monday, July 11, 2011

Peter on the Porch

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Considering again on Monday what was heard on Sunday. 

Our Pastor read from:  I Peter 1:1-5

Peter was an emotional, boisterous, loyal, quick tempered, tough as nails, gentle as a lamb, follower of Jesus Christ.

As Jesus was seized by soldiers in the garden, it was Peter who hastily cut off the ear of one of the men. Jesus took the ear and placed it back on the face of the angry warrior, instantly healing his severed ear.

Many disciples fled when Jesus was taken hostage, but Peter followed and waited in the court yard near the porch. It was here that he denied that he even knew Jesus.

Peter was a loud mouth with his foot often found there.

Simon son of Jona, was one of the first to be called by Jesus. Matthew 4:18 Jesus told Peter and his brother, that "I will make you fishers of men."

Peter was the first to receive a new name, Jesus changed his name from Simon to Peter.

He was first to acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah. Matthew 16:16 Thou art the Christ.

Peter was first to deny Jesus. He then retreated to the Porch.

Mark 14:68 He denied it: "I don't know what you're talking about." He went out on the porch, and a rooster crowed.

He was first to repent and ask God for forgiveness...

He was first to escape from prison.

First to die in a similar way as Jesus did. Legend tells us Peter was crucified upside down as he said he was not worthy to die in the same manner as Jesus did..

In the letters written by Peter, he gives the Church HOPE for now and in the future. Not wishful thinking but a surety of a new and abundant Life in Jesus.

Peter writes a Living Trust written in Blood so that we might have an incorruptible Living Hope in the Lord and a life eternally more precious than fine gold. Rejoice greatly for your Name is written in the Lamb’s book of Life.

Rejoice for there is ahead a banquet of glory, (not a pot luck) but a feast.

Even the Angels will observe and marvel in wonder as we rejoice and sing the song of the redeemed. Angels can praise God and adore Him, but they cannot understand and sing the songs of redemption.

If your name is not written there, it only takes a moment to receive Jesus and invite him into your life. He then writes your name in that book which entitles you to eternal life.

If you have not already done so - - - Do not delay, receive Jesus today.

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  1. We rarely here the correct definition of hope even in Christian circles today. Well done, hope is confidence and power in us due to the mercy and love placed upon us by God. It's good to hear a plan of salvation, even to us who've been around for awhile. Thanks. What a gift!

  2. It never even occurred to me to check out how a porch was used in the Bible! :-) God bless you, Hazel!

  3. That was great, Hazel. I just read the last few chapters of Matthew this morning, and oh, Peter. Just makes my heart break. I've always wondered which "character" I would have been most like in those final, terrible days of Christ. Peter became greatly forgiven, and in Acts we read that the power of God was so great in him that his shadow alone brought healing. Thank you for these insightful words.I love where One Word can take us.

  4. Porch is a mirror of my very own's identity as I reflect along the way.I have made it to the carnival..Thanks.


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