Monday, July 4, 2011

Whom Should I Marry??

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It is a good thing to pray before deciding who to date. Ask yourself, is this person marriage material? Is this person a Christian and do they believe like I do?

The Bible gives guidelines and warns us NOT to be unequally yoked together with unbelievers.

This Biblical warning goes further even when it comes to joining certain clubs or lodges and especially when considering going into business with an unbeliever.

At age 15 I was in love with love and also was in love with the wrong feller. I knew it and finally God maneuvered us apart. Nice of God to do that! Then entered my husband to be, and we lived happily ever after! (smile)

Before we were married, my husband prayed and told God he was willing to give me up, if this marriage was not God's will. God said, "You can have her." Amazing that God talks like that!

One of my daughters met her husband through a Christian dating service. God was there and chose just the right "One" for her.

Another daughter met her husband on an arranged dinner at one of two friends home, they both set them up! It was love at first sight!

Teen age rebellion is often at work, and actual Parental interference can be a disaster.

When our children reached 21, we did not always approve of their choices in life, but when asked what we thought we tried to answer with soft words.

Our son was dating a girl of another faith. He informed me that they intended to marry. I thought for a minute and then said, “Well you know that we do not agree with the way this group believes the Bible, but I must say, they do teach the concept of families sticking together.”

“Yes,” he said, “And they teach their girls to be chaste.” I could not dispute that fact and I gave him a hug.

As parents we try to teach our young children right from wrong. We read the Bible in the home, and take them to Sunday school, to Christian Young people’s groups, and pray over them.

Our hope is that they will make good decisions, but we also realize that they will make mistakes.

Once they reach the age of maturity, it is up to us as parents to love and support them even when we may not always agree with them.

Come back tomorow as this post will continue!

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