Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Prayer Request for today

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I have a special request today. Will you please take a moment?

I am asking you to please read the post of Sheila one of my blogging friends.

Another blogging friend has just received her Doctors report that the cancer is back.

Sheila is requesting that we all agree and pray the prayer of faith that you will view here on her site:
Include any loved ones fighting cancer who also need this prayer.

Thank you my dear online friends ! 
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  1. Praying. I read Charity's blog yesterday. Her attitude is so inspiring and I do pray her test today return showing only the one spot.

  2. Heading over to read and pray now. Blessings. x

  3. Will do. Going there now...

  4. Thank you, Hazel. And bless you.

  5. Hazel - Your prayers are a gift to me. Blessings!


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