Monday, July 18, 2011

Look at me! I need to be recognized!!

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It was always a mystery to me, but as was the usual case, when our children were small, and the telephone rang, it seemed to be a signal for them to act up.

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Thus ensued the resulting arguments, and word fights, (they were not allowed the hitting kind of fights.)

Most of the time, the telephone conversation was cut short in-order to bring peace back into our household.

Were my children making a demand for attention? Was it something that happens in other households?

I never actually discovered the answer but could only surmise.

Today our children are no longer under our roof, and most of them including our grandchildren have their own smart phones with their own agenda. They are busy with their multi-tasking work, school and play.

Back to our house hold today, it does not take the telephone to ring. We have three dogs who equally demand attention any time of day.  If one gets scratched behind the ears and spoken to, quickly rush the other two pushing their way to get in between and to be number one.

There seems to be a driven force within mankind and even animals to be recognized. To be seen, appreciated, understand and accepted.

I am reminded where Jesus instructed us about our good works, that they are to be done in secret and not competing for recognition.

Jesus must have been referring to the extreme mature believer. Because there are times when it is necessary and important to give honor where honor is due.

“Look at me, Look at me,” called our young children when they accomplished a task or an achievement that was significant in their immature life. To ignore them was unthinkable and they needed this reassurance that they were doing well and learning at best.

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It is not only children and new believers who need encouragement that they are doing a good work as they serve the Lord, but teachers, helpers, the staff in your church, including your Pastor.  A word spoken in earnest kindness does lift the spirits.

Good words spoken are like jewels gifted.  Have you given any good words lately?

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  1. Great reminders. Not only should be not seek recognition, but we should always be looking for others to encourage and give a good word to.

  2. You know I forgot about how kids act up when they know their parents aren't going to be able to give them their full attention.
    I think the way we learn as children and/or young Christians is to learn by example. The selfless acts done and tried to be kept secret is what teaches others about how and why we do it.
    Even the mature and leaders need to be encouraged. Your words sound sweet like the Proverbs. It's easy to forget to kind and encouraging, a gentle reminder from a friend always helps. Thanks

  3. Your comment about the dogs wanting attention made me smile.
    What a thoughtful post, Hazel, on how to encourage and appreciate, yet not seek attention for ourselves, but seek to give it. Thank you for these words, they are wise and encouraging.

  4. Excellent post. I have 3 small kids and yes, they are always wanting approval. But don't we all?
    Your latest follower.

  5. God made some people with the love language of words of affirmation, so yes, I do think it is so important to let our words be encouraging and soft. Wonderful post.

  6. I don't always use my words to lift up, but your words remind me to do a better job. Even for little Lucy Mae! Encouragement is such an important part of our faith--lifting each other up. Thanks for saying it so well, Hazel.

  7. Encouragement is so powerful. When I think of true and sincere words of encouragement I've received, my heart warms. We need it in all of the busyness of this life, we need to recognize the good.

  8. Now it's the grandchildren wanting attention or something done and it happens every time I finally get to sit down! :>)
    What you've said is so true. There are times when we should not need attention or acclimation to do what we know we're supposed to do.
    However, as you pointed out, encouragement and recognition does wonders for a person. As a high school teacher in Appalachia, it is balm to my soul when a student, parent, other staff menber lets me know I'm appreciated. And I have seen faces light up when I've done the same for them.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Forgiveness and healing has come to my husband's family. Sometimes the most healing words are the hardest to say:"I'm sorry. I was wrong." My father taught me a long time ago to admit when I'm wrong and apologize. It's a lesson I've never forgotten.

  9. Yes I have, and I love doing it! :) "Apples of gold in pictures of silver..."

    Waving and smiling,


  10. I love this. Words are so important. There's beauty in blessing people with our words. A good reminder for me to be more intentional with our words.



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